Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

11 Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews in 2020 [Tablets & Drop-Ins]

A dirty toilet will not only affect your health but also cause bad odor in your home.

Who wants that; you? Certainly, not! That’s why an automatic toilet bowl cleaner should be your priority.

Still, as much as we all love to see our toilet bowls clean and germ-free, none of us wants to spend all the time scrubbing them. At least; not every day, especially, with a small kid who won’t let you breathe for a minute.

Getting the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner will not only help kill all bacteria and germs but also make it easy to keep your toilet bowl clean and sparkling! Plus, it is affordable. Again, it works fast and effectively.

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Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Editor's Pick

Fluidmaster 8100 Flush 'n Sparkle

Best Budget

2000 Flushes Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Best Value

 Without a doubt, Clorox will not only give your toilet bowl a sparkling look, but also make it lasts for up to 8 weeks. Thanks to Clorox, not only does it clean the bowl, but also sanitizes it.

Its effectiveness cannot compare with any other toilet bowl cleaner, and that’s why once it gets into contact with your cloth, it will tear it.

So, while using this bowl cleaner, you need to ensure that you are wearing high-quality gloves. To avoid emergency cases, never store it at the reach of kids and pets since, when taken, it can kill if medical attention is not offered immediately.

What’s more? After application of these tablets, five minutes later, you will see great impacts.

If you are looking for an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that is easy to install, then this one is for you.

Do you want to learn how to Use Clorox Toilet Tablets, here’s a great video by AlaskaGranny.

  • Gives your toilet bowl a sparkling look
  • Effectively kills around 99.9 percent of the household germs
  • Eight bleach tablets last approximately for 12 weeks
  • Excellently disinfects your toilet bowl
  • Eliminates as well as prevents stubborn stains
  • Gives your toilet a fresh fragrance
  • Stress-free as there’s no need for scrubbing
  • May cause vomiting due to the throat and nose irritations

Having issues with installation or usage of tablets? No problem. Fluidmaster 8100 got you sorted. Why?

Theirs is not a tablet but a capsule. What are the pros of a capsule over a tablet? The toilet bowl water doesn’t mix with the solution.  What’s more? The rubber flapper as well as the flush valve do not get damaged; thus, lasting long.

Its installation process last a couple of minutes.

If you are looking for an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that will clean every area of your toilet, you got one right here. This is because the cartridge of this cleaner is connected directly to the flushing system as well as the flow pipe; thus, enhancing even distribution of the cleaner.

Again, similar to the other products when installing it, we recommend that you use protective gloves.

Fluidmaster 8100 Flush 'n Sparkle lasts for more than 12 weeks. Hence, it is quite economical and there are no scrubbing tasks when you install it.

Thanks to Fluidmaster 8100, your toilet bowl design isn’t a hindrance. Why? It works well with every design.

  • Prevents the toilet bowl from damage
  • You can use it for approximately 3 months.
  • Features a universal design suitable for all toilet designs
  • No daily scrubbing of your toilet bowl
  • Comes with a guide with instructions on how to install and use
  • Cartridges are sold independently

Once the previous 2000 flushes tablet dissolves, you can easily install another one without necessarily removing the old one.

Why do we say that installation is easy to do? See, the only thing you need to do is to flush the toilet, then drop the tablet just before the tank refills.

For a toilet bowl that uses hard-water, 2000 flushes will be of great help in killing the bacterium on the bowl. With little effort required when using this cleaner, the hygiene of your toilet remains intact. Plus, since it eliminates the rings around the toilet bowl and discoloring issues; without a doubt, it is a good cleaner.

That makes it possible to keep your family free of diseases that emanates from toilet bowl bacteria.

If you have an issue with strong smells, this would be an ideal selection for you because its bleach-smell isn’t too strong.

This is a great choice for those looking for an automatic cleaner and deodorizer that can lasts for up to 4 months.

  • No need for scrubbing
  • Kills up to 99.9 of toilet bowl bacteria
  • Bleach-smell is bearable
  • Lasts long
  • Turns toilet bowl water into blue which may not favor some people

Once you have used the toilet, just flush and church & Dwight 35113 will eliminate any germs and stains without you having to scrub.

You can spend that time doing some other stuff. However, its installation process may be tricky. This happens due to the design of the toilet bowl you are using.

Why? The disc and cartridge that you need to install may not be suitable for all types of toilet bowls. Nonetheless, the installation should not cost you much time. Plus, there are no tools necessary for this process. So, there may be no need to hire a technician.

All you need to be doing after that is refilling the cartridge with new tablets whenever need be. From our research, we can confirm that church & Dwight 353113 lasts for long.

Three months; to be precise. Remember, as we have said when reviewing all the products, how long an automatic toilet bowl cleaner lasts, depends on your home usage.

  • Last longer up to 12 weeks
  • Refills are easy to find
  • Eliminates stains and odors
  • Toxic ingredients such as the porcelain are absent
  • Manual scrubbing is not necessary
  • Comes with a cartridge
  • Refills are pricey
  • Depending on your toilet bowl design; installation can be challenging.
  • May not be suitable for some toilet flush tanks as may not fit well

Dealing with stubborn rust on your toilet bowl? Well, here’s a permanent solution. Iron OUT comes in a pack of 6 and has 24 tablets.

If you are using hard water in your toilet bowl, thus, having issues with mineral deposits, this is the best cleaner to use.

In addition, anyone can use it since installation takes several seconds. All you need is drop the tablet in the toilet bowl then flush the toilet to eliminate any accumulated stains.

Thanks to Iron OUT, each tablet lasts for up to 45 days. That’s money for value, right?

However, that might also depend on your usage.

The great thing about Iron OUT is the fact that you can use it on the septic system, toilet bowls, and plumbing system.

However, the product has a strong smell that might not favor every user.

  • Eliminates rust effectively
  • One tablet last for more than 30 days
  • Safe to use on any toilet system, including a septic system.
  • Quite stress-free to use
  • Releases a strong smell

With the ability to last for many days, Lysol no mess features easy cartridge removal since you only hang it on the toilet bowl rim. Also, as it gets rid of the bacteria, it freshens your toilet bowl; thus, giving it a non-resistible scent.

This is so because of the presence of the antimicrobial protection found in the Lysol No mess.

If you are tired of scrubbing your toilet every morning, buying Lysol No Mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner will ease your work. Why?

Because all you need is flush the toilet after use.

That is; you don’t have to scrub not unless you want to do so. We bet you love that, right?

No wonder we are encouraging you to buy this product and your toilet bowl will never have stains again.

Nonetheless, if you are using hard water, it would be good if you considered an alternative automatic cleaner.

  • Freshens the air with scent
  • No scrubbing on flushing the toilet
  • Contains Antimicrobial protection properties
  • Last more than one month
  • It’s friendly to the environment and safe to use
  • Unsuitable for hard-work
  • Has a strong smell that may be shocking

Worried about the safety of your kids and that of the pets?

This detergent is not harmful if your kid or pet accidentally swallows it. Nonetheless, it is not recommendable to allow pets always to consume it. Again, why would you want to give it to your children?

How about the septic tank as well as the plumbing system? Well, scrubbing bubbles do not damage them. You can, therefore, use it without worrying.

Using hard-water in your toilet? No problem. Scrubbing bubbles will still work effectively and eliminate any limescale stains. But how long does this product last? You ask. You can use it for around 12 weeks.

Scrubbing bubbles continuous clean drop-ins instantly deodorize as it cleans your toilet each time you flush it. That eliminates the need to scrub the toilet every evening or morning; thus, giving you more time to rest.

With this cleaner, approximately 99 percent of the germs will be terminated. Nonetheless, as we are all different and react differently to various smells, some people say they are uncomfortable with the smell of scrubbing bubbles continuous clean drop-ins. Thanks to its stress-free installation process.

  • Last for several months
  • Not harmful for kids and pets
  • Causes no damage to the toilet bowl
  • Removes even the most stubborn stains on the toilet bowl
  • Takes just a few minutes to install
  • Don’t have to scrub your toilet
  • Some buyers say the smell is strong

Is “NeverScrub” just a name? Not really. Once you buy and install it in the toilet bowl, as long as it is there, you will never think of scrubbing your toilet. Furthermore, you can also use it in your septic tank system.

Does your toilet bowl have lime, iron, and rust stains? Well, you are well sorted with this product because it effectively and efficiently removes each of them. Though it is tough to stains, it does not damage the toilet bowl.

So, rest assured that NeverScrub is a premium automatic toilet bowl cleaner, primarily because of the components it is made of. Just to mention the components are; dimethyl hydantoin, chlorine, dichloro, and bromine. These components make NeverScrub an effective toilet -bleach agent.

More so, once you install it and use just enough each day, the cleaning agent will last for 16 weeks. For some automatic toilet bowl cleaners, the installation process can be hectic. However, that’s not the case with NeverScrub. Actually, you don’t have to hire a DIY man; just do it yourself and one minute later you will be done and proud of yourself. Really? Yes!

Just follow the instructions given, and you will be good to go.

  • Just a few seconds and you are done with the installation process
  • Usable for up to 16 weeks on average use
  • Minimal usage of the toilet bowl water
  • Eliminates toilet bowl odors
  • Environmentally safe
  • The cartridges are expensive
  • Must refill the cartridge once in a while

 Once you buy this toilet bowl cleaner, you also get Fluidmaster 8202P8 refills and septic 2-pack BioBalance. Interestingly, you only order another one after about 3 months if you are not overusing it.

In a few minutes, you should be done with installing it on your toilet. What’s more, it’s a self-cleaning detergent that calls for no scrubbing.

So, you can do other tasks while Fluidmaster 8202P8 takes care of your toilet bowl hygiene.

Every moment you flush your toilet; this automatic cleaner lessens the drain-field clogging. In addition, there’s the release of immediate bio action.

It does not damages your toilet bowls and is environmentally considered safe. Moreover, you can also use it in all your septic systems.

Also, if it is obsolete liquid cleaners that you want to get rid of, this cleaner will do a perfect job.

  • Simple installation process
  • Removes stains
  • No need hiring a DIY for installation, anyone can do it
  • Lasts for 12 weeks
  • Efficiently cleans the toilet and deodorizes fast
  • Some people dislike the bluish look on the water

The most amazing benefit of this product is that it has an awesome scent.

And the best part is, it won’t give you a hard time when installing it. Why? Even though you are not a techie person, you can keenly follow the installation guidelines given and easily and quickly install Lysol automatic toilet bowl.

Let’s take a minute to explain how to go about it.

Carefully, break the wrapper seal to open it.  Next, Peel off the Lysol protective seal. To completely dispense the gel dose, carefully press the applicator. Ensure you press it against the interior of the bowl.

You can now pull the applicator off the bowl. The gel will remain on the bowl. That was as easy as counting 1, 2, 3, and 4, right?

Finally, discard the applicator in the litter. Usually, Lysol automatic comes with 3-boxes of 4-gel cartridges.

  • Installation is straightforward
  • With normal usage; it lasts for around 4 weeks
  • Gives the bathroom a pleasant scent
  • There’s no toilet bowl scrubbing
  • Causes allergic reactions when it gets into contact with skin

If you do not have a reasonable budget but want an automatic toilet bowl cleaner for use in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to order Lysol brand no mass max.

This, too, gives the bathroom a scented atmosphere.

Since you only need to hang it on your toilet bowl; refilling of the cartridge is also stress-free.

With its lasting capability of roughly one month; you can rest assured that your washroom will never give you a headache due to the unnecessary scrubbing tasks.

You can also buy this product for usage in the urinals.

  • Good for a low budget
  • Effective in removing dirt on toilet bowls
  • Lasts for about 30 days
  • The antimicrobial property eradicates odor
  • Good for urinals
  • Scent doesn’t last long

How an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Works

An automatic toilet bowl cleaner is an automatic toilet cleaning detergent.

This detergent is strong enough to remove any bacteria and stains that have accumulated on your toilet bowl.

The result is a sparkling toilet that is free of microorganisms that cause diseases. As such, any disease-causing germs that are as a result of toilet bowl bacteria will never be an issue in your household. Besides, your toilet will not have any odors.

Since it is an automatic cleaner, you don’t have to hire someone to do the cleaning. Neither should you do it; it automatically does the cleaning task. If you have in the past used a detergent that requires manual application on the toilet bowl to clean, you know how shocking those detergents can be.

Plus, if you are a mother with diaper pails that require lots of effort to open when changing your baby, you can definitely agree that buying an toilet bowl cleaner is such an achievement.

Why? You will not have to worry about cleaning your toilet bowl. Instead, you will worry about your baby.

Choosing an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Several factors are essential to consider when buying an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. These factors are a guide to ensuring that you buy a high-quality product that is effective and safe for use in your home.


We had to have safety as the first in the list. Why? If you are not safe using the available automatic toilet bowl cleaners, then don’t even think about buying them.

This is what we are saying, if you are allergic to some components, don’t buy an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that has them. Also, if you are asthmatic, the least you should do is buying a cleaner without looking at its components.

It is also crucial to ensure that the detergent doesn’t chock you when using it or cause any burns on your skin. 


If the product is safe to use but ineffective; buying it is a waste of time and money. Do you agree? So, be sure to consider how effective the cleaner is. Nevertheless, this mostly depends on the type of stains your toilet bowl has.

Also, some toilet bowl cleaners will not only clean fast and effectively but will leave your toilet with a pleasant scent. Of course, the ideal automatic toilet bowl cleaner is one that oozes fragrance. Why? You won’t have to buy air fresheners for use in your bathroom, right?

Application mode

The application mode of toilet bowl cleaners determines how efficient it will be for you to install.

Still, if it requires you to use any tools or machinery when installing, it may definitely cost you more than you had planned. Again, you will end up consuming lots of time on the installation task, which is not worth it.

So, before you commit yourself to it, consider how easy it is to apply on your toilet bowl.

Type of stains

Every toilet bowl has a different kind of stain. It is necessary to consider if the cleaner you are buying is good enough for a particular stain.

However, the best thing you can do is to look for an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that has the ability to remove several types of stains. By buying such a cleaner; you will be saving a lot of money which you could have used on a different kind of automatic bowl cleaner.


Wait, you are not buying a toilet bowl; you are buying an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. That means; as much as we know that some cleaners, which have safe and strong detergents may be pricey, the cost should not be hefty.

We do not mean that you buy the cheap ones. No, what we are saying is that the cost should be within reach. Still, the product should be of good quality. In a nutshell, the automatic toilet bowl cleaner should be affordable and safe to use.


Spending money every often on automatic toilet bowl cleaners can be frustrating. That’s why; it is crucial to consider how long the impacts of your bowl cleaner can last. If it is something that will send you back to the shop every five days; no need spending your money on it.

Benefits of Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You’ll get lots of toilet bowl cleaners in the market. Need to know them? Here are some of the benefits highlighted by other users: 

Less effort required

Just as we mentioned previously, this an automatic toilet bowl cleaner, right? That means that there is little involvement on your part. See, it is the detergent that does the work for you. Actually, all you need is to install it and watch the detergent do the magic of cleaning the toilet bowl. In fact, you can even leave the detergent working overnight while you sleep.

Thus, less effort needed and time.

In addition, you don’t deal with daily fatigue that results from regular cleaning and scrubbing of your toilet bowl. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s effective

Not all toilet bowl cleaners have the ability to effectively remove the stains on the toilet bowls as well as kill any disease-causing germs. 

Not only that, if you buy get a good automatic cleaner; you may end up having a cleaner and an air freshener at the same time. Further, most of the best selections will retain the sparkling look for long. That is to mean; your toilet bowl will look clean for the next one week or month depending on the automatic toilet bowl cleaner you chose to buy.

Value for money

The fact that automatic toilet bowl cleaners are effective means that they offer value for money. That is to say; you will not need to buy other supplementing cleaning detergents to boost their effectiveness.

You definitely end up saving lots of money.

No technical assistance needed

If you buy an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that is easy to install and use, you will definitely not need any technical assistance from anyone.

The good thing with our selection of the best budget toilet bowl cleaner is that they need no professional help. 

You, therefore, don’t need to use extra cash by hiring an expert. In addition, there are no tools you need to buy for use in your installation task.

Safe to use

Remember we said that some toilet bowl cleaners could be risky to use due to their impacts on your skin and eyes? Well, that’s not the case with most automatic toilet bowl cleaners. However, wearing protective gloves can be crucial in some cases.


If taken accidentally or spills on the skin, what should I do?

Do I have to use protective gears when using the automatic toilet bowl cleaners?

In case I have health issues or I’m uncomfortable with the automatic toilet bowl I bought, Can I remove it?

Final Thoughts

We have done our part in compiling automatic toilet bowl cleaner reviews that break down the top products from a list of 100+.

However, we want to remind you a few things. If you really want a good automatic toilet bowl cleaner, look for the one that will be harsh to the stains on your toilet bowl. Still, it should be stress-free to install. In addition, the scent should last long enough to keep the bathroom fresh.

Most importantly, it should be safe for use to avoid health problems. Finally, if you can afford it, why not buy it?