At Last, The Best Carpenters Axe For Wood Worker Beginners!

With the wrong carpenter’s axe, woodcutting can be exhausting. Plus, it can be a life and death thing when caution is not taken seriously. Regardless of your budget, you should, therefore, always consider buying the best carpenters axe.

Not only are such axes durable, but they are easy to use and maintain. What’s more? They are not too heavy. Besides, they are durable, safe, and budget-friendly.

The axe head doesn’t rust regardless of the type of wood you cut. The handle, on the other hand, whether metallic or wooden, is high-quality.

Due to trust in the quality, the company also gives a warrant.

While there are so many original carpenters’ axes, there is always a winner.


Which Is The Best Carpenters Axe To Buy?

Like we said, there’s always a winner. Ours is Husqvarna 576926501 19″ Wooden Carpenter’s Axe.

Here’s why. For safety when using the axe, Husqvarna’s head is firmly attached to a strong hickory shaft. Steel and wooden wedges are used to attach the head to the shaft. This makes the tool safe to use, even in a commercial set-up, since safety is not compromised.

The product comes with a leather edge cover. Use it when storing to ensure it hurts no one. The cover also lowers the chances of getting hurt in instances where the tool is in the store.

Axes featuring thin blades, like this Husqvarna tool, offer maximum control when cutting. In addition, they give excellent stability, thus easy to use. You, however, need to have one hand near the cutting edge. This way, you will have optimum control of the axe for an accurate cut.

So, if you are a carpenter or look forward to being one, think of this tool without turning back. It will help you with all the woodwork tasks.


  • Has a lightweight
  • Suitable for both beginners
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Fells small trees efficiently
  • Head axe tightly fixed, thus safe


  • Not suitable for felling big trees since it is light
  • Handle is made of wood


Why is Husqvarna the Best Carpenters Axe to Buy?

1. Versatility

Husqvarna is not only the best carpenters axe because it can be used on any wood. No, it can also be used for different woodworks. That’s what versatility is all about.

What’s more, with such a tool, you save money that would instead be used for buying another axe. Storage space, too, is saved.

2. Weight

Unlike the best double bit axe, Husqvarna is suitable for both starters or teenagers.  Why? It weigh s only 2.2 pounds. This is because it is light. Being too heavy would make it impossible for beginners to use. In worst scenarios, injure themselves.

With such an excellent weight, though, you can use Husqvarna axe for many hours without worrying, not even about fatigue.

3. Material

The quality of the product determines the durability of every tool. It is, therefore, paramount to consider what material the axe is made of. Thanks to Husqvarna’s axes, their quality is not debatable.


They feature an American hickory handle with a Swedish steel axe head. Besides, the axe head is easy to sharpen and stay sharp longer. This is a great feature, especially if you are a commercial woodworker.

4. Length

We would never say that there is a perfect size that the best carpenters axe handle should have. But we would definitely say that it should have an average length. For example, 19 inches; this is what this axe features.

Such a length is suitable for both tall and short people. Another good thing is that Husqvarna 576926501 19″ Wooden Carpenter’s Axe has a strong wooden handle.

If you, for any reason, don’t like that length, you can always remove that handle and replace it with the size you wish.

5. Affordable Cost

Since this axe doesn’t have a high price tag, most woodworkers can afford it. Exaggerated prices make it difficult for small scale woodworkers to afford some products. If, therefore, both small and large scale woodworkers can afford a certain tool, then we would say it is a great deal.


Care and Maintenance of the Best Carpenters Axe

Even with the best carpenter axe, proper care and maintenance of the tool is a must. Storing it when it is dirty makes it corrode. Consequently, it will not cut effectively, and you might have to use lots of energy to achieve any cutting tasks. In cases where the axe head is fully covered by rust, several things are necessary:

  • Since ours is a wooden handle axe; we can comfortably remove it. After that, soak the axe head in vinegar for a couple of hours.
  • On removal of the axe head from the solution, use a ball of steel wool to clean it.
  • Allow it to dry and fix the handle back to the axe head.

In the future, avoid this by cleaning the tool after each use.

If you value your axe, take care of it. Good care causes the axe to last long and work effectively. And, since it takes just a few minutes to clean your axe, there should be no reasons for you not to do it.

You might want to use acetone and steel wool to clean the axe head. That though, depends on how dirty it is.

Before putting the head axe into the leather edge cover, allow it to dry fully.

If you will not be using the axe for a long time, it would even be better if you considered applying some oil on it to protect it. Cosmoline works well in this case. If, however, you regularly use the axe, the best oil is beeswax.

If you want to go the cheapest way, use Vaseline.

One more thing, if the axe gets blunt, always sharpen it. Otherwise, using blunt axe damages the cutting edges.


What’s The Verdict?

We are confident enough to say that the best carpenters axe for a beginner is Husqvarna 576926501 19″ Wooden Carpenter’s Axe. It is affordable, light in weight, easy to care for, and is durable.

If you are just starting in woodcutting, don’t risk buying heavy axes that will hurt you. Begin by using this Husqvarna product until you become an expert.


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