Best Double Bit Axe: When Chopping and Sporting Becomes Fun!

Is it even crucial to buy the best double bit axe?

You ask!

To be sincere, it is, if you do not have one yet. This is why. Unlike the single bit axe, one of the double bit axe’s sides is usually razor-sharp. This helps to cut sharp edges accurately.

The other side is rounded and dull. You can use this side for splitting wood. That is the unique future that lacks in single bit axes.

Moreover, the double bit axe is suitable for hacking, chopping, and sports (if you like).

So, whether you are a camper, farmer, or hunter, you need to have at least one best double bit axe. But how do you pick the best?

Worry not; we have all that right here.

But first…

Best Double Bit AXE: What Is It Used For?

Being a double bit axe means that the tool is different from the single bit axe. That is, the former has two blades, while the latter has only one. Here’s the question, do you even need an extra blade? Why is it necessary?

We would not successfully answer this question without explaining what a double bit axe is used for.

You can use the double bit axe for cutting lumber. In this case, you use one end to cut the thinner angles, while the other end will do an excellent job on the obtuse angles.

If you do not have a single bit axe, you could also use the double bit axe to chop firewood. In fact, it is said to cut accurately more than the single bit axe due to its head weight.

Even so, only use it this way if you have no other option.

Also, you can use this tool to cut trees. However, before cutting down the tree, it is paramount to prune the life-threatening branches. With the best rated manual pole saw, it is easy to achieve this task. At least, you will not get hurt by any branches, while cutting the tree.

If for any reason, you do not want to use a manual pole saw, you may use the longest electric pole saw to prune those unreachable branches.

So, which are the best double bit axes you can purchase?

Our Top Picks: Best Double Bit Axe

1. Estwing (Best Double Bit Axe)

Are you a commercial woodcutter? Then, buy Estwing Double Bit Axe. This is because the tool can handle heavy cutting duties.

You can use this axe to split wood, firewood, chop logs or cut small trees. To some extent, you may as well use it to cut small, reachable branches that you can use for kindling.

The tool is made in the USA using American steel. Thus, it is said to be durable and stay sharp for long. Besides, the tool has undergone the tempering and drop forging process, which makes it even more durable.

What’s more?

Since the edges features heavy-duty sheath, which also has ballistic nylon sheath, cutting sharp edges won’t harm your tool.

In addition, since steel is stress-free to sharpen, it takes just a couple minutes to have your axe sharp.

How about grip? This is not anything you ever worry about if you buy this axe. Why? The tool has a shock reduction grip. Thus, whether you are using your axe during winter or summer seasons, it will never slip off.

Besides, it is not a must you use gloves when working with it.


  • Has a good handle
  • Blades stay sharp for long
  • Durable handle and blade materials
  • Good for both commercial and residential use
  • Suitable for chopping, splitting wood, and branches


  • Handle and blade not separable

2. 1844 Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland (Best Double Bit Axe)

Helko Werk has been making axes since 1844. This is one of the companies that manufactures high-quality axes, for instance, traditional Hinterland double bit axe.

To prove this; the product is made of high Carbon steel (German C50).

Plus, since each axe is made by real blacksmiths, the tool’s uncompromising quality is said to be highly effective. Whether you want to use it in residential cutting tasks or commercial ones, you’ll never go wrong with this tool.

What’s more?

You can use either blade for cutting wood, while the other one can be used in splitting the wood. We, however, suggest that you choose one side for making sharp angle cuts. Then, the other one will be good in cutting thick wood pieces. This is just an option.

To ensure that the smooth 150 grit sanded finish handle never slips out of your hands, it features a boiled linseed coating. Hence, there are no blisters.

To make this tool the best double bit axe; the head is fixed with a steel ring as well as a wood wedge. This system is called a premium two-wedge system and is meant to ensure that the head is secure and won’t come off accidentally.

What else are you looking for other than an axe whose blades are resistant to rust? As such, you spend less time cutting since there is no much friction taking place during cutting.

The tool has a weight of 4¾ lbs, a head weight of 3.5 lbs. The axe has a length of 30-inches.

The tool comes with a leather welt to protect you from being hurt when the tool is not in use. Most importantly, the product comes with an axe guard. That is, 1 oz. protective oil.


  • Blade is secure
  • Suitable for handling large cutting tasks
  • Blade is also resistant to corrosion
  • Made in German; thus, top quality
  • Comes with protective oil


  • Blades are identical

3. Truper 30524 3-1/2-Pound (Best Double Bit Axe- Michigan)

Looking for the best throwing axe? Truper 30524 3-1/2-pound double bit Michigan axe is excellent for sporting. In fact, in matters of sporting, Estwing Double Bit Axe comes second.

Also, you can use this axe in your garden to cut trees, chop wood, and branches. However, if you really want to see this tool last long, clean its handle and the coat of the blade after every use.

Nonetheless, recommends that you use a lubricant to clean. This is crucial in maintaining the quality of your axe.

If you did not love out first product due to the inability to detach the handle with the blade, then here’s another better option.

This axe features a wooden handle and a metallic blade.

That, therefore, means that the handle is removable, in case you want to extend it or if it gets too old.

The axe is good for cutting wood that is not more than 4-inches thick. The company pre-sharpens the blade before shipping. However, you will have to sharpen it again for it to cut effectively.

The handle is comfortable while working with. Thus, you can use the tool for many hours without feeling excessively tired.


  • Handle is comfortable working with
  • Can disconnect the handle with the head whenever a need arises
  • It is light
  • Usable in chopping wood and branches


  • Must re-sharpen on arrival
  • Blades require frequent sharpening

4. Condor Tool & Knife, Double Bit Michigan

Although Condor Tool & Knife is made in El Salvador, it is another best double bit axe. Since it is made of top-quality materials, it lasts for many years. Thus, you won’t have to replace the blade anytime soon.

The handle, which is an American Hickory, is 18-inches long. That is definitely a good size for both short and tall woodworkers. Please note, some buyers say the handle is 26-inches long. So, do your research before ordering.

Weighing only 7 pounds; this blade is good for cutting down trees for many hours. You can as well as use it to chop branches that are reachable.

To ensure that the blade is strong and durable, it is made of 1045 high carbon steel. Plus, the blade features a classic condor finish.

Nonetheless, if you are out for a long wood cutting day, don’t leave your file behind. You might need it later.

Unlike the Estwing Double Bit Axe, this blade’s heads are identical. That means that you only use it to cut thin angles. We would say that it is a good selection for light cutting jobs. If one side gets blunt, turn your axe and use the other blade.


  • It is lighter than most double bit axes
  • Possesses a top-quality construction
  • Last for many years
  • Handle is detachable


  • Has identical blades

Best Double Bit Axe: Choose Wisely, You Won’t Regret!

As a novice, you may wonder what factors are essential to consider when purchasing the double bit axe.

Well, it is paramount to know that a double bit axe has two sharp blades. As such, if you are not keen when picking the best, you might end up getting hurt while cutting wood.

This is likely to happen if the tool slides off your hands and falls on your back. Or, if the handle breaks just after lifting the axe, it can fall on anyone, if not you. The consequences are dreadful!

All this is because of bad selection.

So, choose wisely by following our tips:

a. Head

The main part of the axe is the head. It is the head that cuts. It is also the head that has the potential of hurting you. So, the head should be the first thing to consider when buying the double bit axe.

Buy, therefore, a blade that is made of sturdy steel. Sturdy carbon steel doesn’t break easily and lasts long. Also, the blade should be sharp right from the box. Besides, it should be easy to sharpen once it gets blunt. Of course, it should not get blunt after every few hours of cutting wood.

That is the best double bit axe you can ever buy.

b. Handle

Apart from the head, the handle of your axe is also paramount. Think of a handle that is strong, doesn’t break easily, or slips off from your hands.

This is a sharp tool. And, when working with it, your attention is usually on the wood you are cutting, right? Hence, if the handle breaks or slips off your hands while you are working, you are likely to get badly hurt. Probably, on the back, head, or whatever body part it lands on.

Don’t even think about it…

So, buy an axe that is made of ash or hickory. These two materials durable. However, if you like, you can go for one with a metal handle. This, however, are heavier. So, be sure you can handle their weight. Plus, if the handle feels shorter or too long, there’s no way you will change it.

There are also plastic handles. We would not suggest you buy this one. See, plastic doesn’t have a long life like wood and metal.

Wood, therefore, is the best option for a high-quality tool.

c. Comfort

Do you use an axe every single day? Then, comfort should also be a consideration. If you are not comfortable while using the axe, then you are likely to learn how to survive fatigue after hours of working.

d. Cost

However much you may be in need of a particular double bit axe, if you cannot afford it, there is no point thinking about it. Probably, you can buy it later when you have enough money. But if the tool is urgent, then think of a better but cheaper option.

The Parting Shot

Our list is not long because we did not want to give you poor quality products. It took the research time many hours to get the best axes.

At least, we can guarantee you, any axe you choose above will leave you boasting of having bought the best double bit axe. Why?

Our list is made only of high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting tools.


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