Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld

10 Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld for 2 Persons in 2020

While most times we think we need a shower only when we want to feel fresh and clean, a warm bath can also help eliminate tiredness and headaches.

Nonetheless, for this to happen, you need to take a shower a dual shower head with handheld. This shower head features different shower settings, that you can customize for a relaxing shower experience. You can even adjust the volume of water, air pressure and temperature. And the best part is, you share a dual shower head with your partner, pet or child.

Most dual shower heads come with a handheld or side bar, which you can use to rinse the hard-to-reach body parts. You don't have to break your back trying to reach those far parts that are always hard to reach. Just hold the handheld, and you are all good.

Also learn how high you shower head be so that you install the shower head at the right position so that it is not too close or too far. 





Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog Shower Head

Editor's Pick

AquaDance 7" Premium High-Pressure Combo

Best Budget

AquaStorm by HotelSpa 30-Setting

Best Value

Featuring 5-foot stainless hose, Ana bath 50-inch anti-clog dual shower head makes it easy to spray any parts of the body with much ease. On both ends of the hose, there are brass nuts. That helps you to fix the hose firmly to your standard overhead shower arm.

The fact that this product features five different spraying options makes it a perfect choice for most people. These spraying options are; saturating bubbling, saturating massage, saturating, bubbling, and massage spray.

Water has minerals. As such, chances are that the shower head will build minerals and, in the long last, rust. Nonetheless, due to the anti-clog nozzle, the minerals cannot build in this shower head. 

So, how do the nozzles work to eliminate the building of minerals?

While the water is flowing, the nozzles circulate in a circular motion. The circular motion unblocks the nozzles so as to allow water to flow freely and with the right pressure.

Did we mention the 5-inch spray face? Well, with this shower head, you will have a rainfall shower experience that gives you an outstanding massage.

Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog features a water pressure of 80 psi. However, this pressure is said to lower slightly over time if both heads are in operation. The shower head, on the other hand, sprays 2.31 gallons every minute.

Worried that you are not a DIY and have to pay more due to installation? No need to fret. The product is easy to install. Anyone, including you, can install it since you only need to fix it into the shower arm.  It fits in all standard shower arms.

  • Easy to install
  • Wide spray face that sprays lots of water
  • Sprays 2.31 gallons each minute
  • Features a long stainless hose
  • Shower head doesn’t clog
  • Many spray options
  • Durable due to its construction
  • Pricey due to its quality

2. AquaDance 7" Premium High-Pressure Combo

Looking for a dual shower head that meets the recent US product compliance standards?

Well, buy Aquadance 7" premium high-pressure 3-way rainfall combo. It is independently tested and approved by the US shower head experts.

This shower head allows you to either use the overhead or handheld shower head, giving you a choice of the shower experience you prefer. What’s more, with the handheld showering option, you can reach the hard-to-reach body parts such as the back.

In addition, you can use it to massage your back whenever you need to. Since the shower head is adjustable, you may as well use it as an overhead.

There are six shower setting options i.e. power mist, power rain, water-saving pause mode, pulsating massage, and rain massage.

However, to have the most out of this shower head, ensure that there is high water pressure.

The showering face is 4 inches. That means it sprays a lot of water. Plus, you have a 6-setting option so that you can have the best shower experience for an excellent relaxation.

If there are several people in your family and wondering if you can get an excellent heavy-duty shower head, this shower head is your ideal match. It is built with heavy shower duties in mind.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about installation even if you have not done it in the past. This shower head comes with a clear installation manual guide.

The shower head fits in standard shower arms without trouble. Again, to make it easy for you during the installation process, there is an anti-swivel position lock nut that secures the setup.

  • Features 6 shower setting choices
  • Can be used as a handheld or overhead shower
  • Durable
  • Installation is stress-free
  • Comes with an installation guide
  • 4-inch shower face sprays lots of water
  • Suitable for heavy duties
  • Needs much pressure to give the best shower experience
  • A bit pricey due to its features

3. AquaStorm by HotelSpa 30-Setting  

With a stainless hose and a 4-inch shower head, AquaStorm by HotelSpa features a 3-way diverter. This diverter features an Anti-Swivel Position Lock Nut. As such, you will have a stress-free and safe connection that will last.

Since it is meant to be a heavy-duty dual shower head option, it also features a high pressure. As a result, it gives a luxurious shower spray. Plus, you can always choose to either use it as a handheld or overhead shower head.

Amazingly, the overhead angle bracket is adjustable to meet your preferences. You can opt to either use both shower heads simultaneously or individually. Whenever you are showering alone and have trouble reaching your back, use the five-foot shower hose to spray yourself.

Featuring 30 different flow patterns; this shower head has 6-shower settings i.e. rain mist, power rain, water-saving economy mode, pulsating massage, rain massage, and power mist.

AquaStorm by HotelSpa 30 is easy to install. With the easy-to-follow installation guide, it only takes a few minutes to install this shower head, and jump into the shower for a test experience. The shipping box also includes a plumber’s tape and washers for a seamless installation process.

How sure can I be that it will fit perfectly well to my standard shower arm? You ask. Well, this shower head fits well in your shower arm.

  • Can switch between handheld and overhead shower options
  • Features 30 diverse flow patterns
  • There are six shower settings options
  • Installation process completes in just a few minutes as it is easy
  • Comes with a manual guide, plumber’ s tape, and washers
  • Few days after buying, snapping off of the shower head can be challenging
  • Pricy for some

4. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead Combo 

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Shower-head & Rain Shower Combo gives you the option to use the handheld shower option to ensure that all your body parts get a touch of excellent relaxation.

After all, it has a stainless, five-foot shower hose, that reaches each drop even on your knees. You can even use it as an overhead shower head without any trouble. 

There are five shower settings. They include pause, stay-warm mist, power rain, water-saving economy rain, and massage. With settings such as water-saving economy rain, this product can be economical for you if you are working on a tight budget or if your income is unsteady.

With 24 excellent water flow patterns, this product features a water diverter that has an anti-swivel lock nut with an angle overhead bracket that is easily adjustable.

The shower face is 4-inches. Therefore, it will spray sufficient water on your body. As long as you own a standard overhead shower arm, this shower head will fit well.

Unfortunately, with this model, it is not possible to manage the water pressure between the dual heads.

  • Long shower hose
  • Shower face is large to spray well all over your body
  • Features both overhead and a handheld option
  • There are 24 water patterns
  • Fits well in standard shower arms
  • Trouble-free installation process
  • Water pressure not flexible between the heads

5. DreamSpa 3-way 8-Setting Rainfall Shower Head 

With a 7” shower face, you will never have inadequate water running over your head. This means short shower times, unless you want to enjoy a long shower or back massage.

This product features a stainless steel hose, which is 5-feet long. Plus, it is flexible, thus making it user-friendly since you can comfortably rinse your entire body quickly.

Altogether, there are seven water settings in this dual shower head. Just to mention, they include pulsating massage, water-saving pause, eco-rain, power rain, massage, mist, and eco-rain.

Talking of the installation process, how easy is it? Well, the fact that you need no tools when installing the shower head means that the process is easy and fast. You only need to hand-tighten the conical-brass hose nuts that come with the product.

This shower head also features a 3-way patented anti-swivel water diverter.

In addition, there is an overhead bracket that you can adjust anytime you want. Still, there is a 3-zone click-lever dial that has (rub-clean) jets.

Though this is another dual shower head you should consider buying, we recommend that you only buy it from authorized dealers. If the device malfunctions, you can get a replacement or a refund, depending on the warranty terms.

  • No tools necessary for the installation process
  • Seven settings available
  • Wide chrome face supplies much water
  • 3-way patented water diverter
  • Easy to adjust the overhead bracket
  • Features a 3-zone click-lever dial
  • Long hose
  • Can use the shower heads together or individually
  • Warrant void if bought from unauthorized sellers

6. Hotel Spa 1831 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3-way  

Looking for the best 2 person shower head for your home? Here’s one that won’t frustrate you.

Hotel SPA 1831 3-way shower head comes with a 5-foot shower hose that is made of stainless steel. It does not rust even when you use it daily. That also explains why it is durable.

This shower head gives you the privilege to choose from the available settings. To be precise, there are six shower head settings to choose from.

Hotel Spa 1831, features a handheld shower that is 4 inches long. That makes it stress-free to shower. It has a patented (3-way) water diverter with an anti-swivel lock nut.

Additionally, the product has an over-head bracket that is angle-adjustable.

Another one; no tools used in the installation process! Hence, no need to call your neighbor to do the installation for you. In just a few minutes, you can connect the shower head to your standard shower overhead arm.

For installation purposes, the product comes with a plumber’s tape for a seamless installation process.

  • Quick installation
  • Trouble-free angle-adjustable overhead bracket
  • Gives a luxurious shower
  • Features a 5-foot shower face
  • Rust resistant
  • 6 available shower head settings
  • Can use either one or both shower head together
  • Need to be careful when installing so as not to tamper with it

7. Delta 75588RB In2ition 2.5 GPM 2-In-1 Combo

Featuring rubber spray holes that are incredibly soft, this shower head is easy to install and maintain.

The reason why the spray holes are soft is to make it easy for you to wipe any calcium traces or lime which builds-up on the face of the spraying head. Your fingers will do this comfortably without being hurt.

This shower head gives you five setting options i.e. slow massage spray, full spray with massage, full-body spray, massaging spray, and fast massage spray.

A high-flow shower features a 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) spray pressure. This happens when the shower heads are running individually. Nonetheless, when you use both shower heads concurrently, the 2.5 GPM pressure is shared between the two heads. 

Whenever you need to apply soap all over your body or scrub your hair, you can use the pause setting. This helps conserve water, and subsequently, a few bucks on your water bill.  

On the other hand, you can opt to have water spraying through the handheld head while the shower head option is turned off.

Something else we loved about this product is the 72-inch hose, an in2ition shower-head holder bracket, and a hand shower for use during the installation.

Unfortunately, most buyers say that the hose is of low quality.

  • Price is affordable by most buyers
  • 5 shower settings enough for a luxurious shower
  • High pressure when only one shower head is in use
  • Long and flexible shower hose
  • Lasts long
  • Much easy to install
  • Pressure may be inadequate if both shower heads are in use
  • Low hose quality

8. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Double Shower Head

There is no need to buy tools to install the DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo in your standard shower head arm.

You can quickly do the installation using your hands, and it only takes a few minutes. To ensure that after installation, there are no leaks; the product comes with an angle-adjustable ball joint nut that is made of solid brass.

This shower head features a wide shower head face, measuring 9-inches wide. That means you can have a luxurious shower even if your partner joins you in the shower, right?

If you are all alone in the shower, you can be sure that there will be a shoulder to shoulder water coverage. 

If you want to conserve water, you can use the aerator to minimize the water flow.

Interestingly, this shower head has a unique feature; a push-button. You can control the flow of water according to your needs using this button. And you only need to use one hand to do so.

With a push of a button, you can choose between an aeration massage setting, luxurious waterfall, or even a high-power rain.

  • Simple installation process
  • One hand shower control
  • Large wide shower head face offers excellence water coverage
  • Suitable for partners to shower together
  • No extra tools required for the installation
  • Features a high-fashion appearance
  • Possible to reduce the amount of water
  • Pressure on all the settings is said to be low

9. LORDEAR Commercial Flexible Hotel Spa Dual Bathroom Shower Heads 

Though it is a commercial product, the LORDEAR Hotel Spa dual shower head is a perfect fit for your home especially if you are looking for a heavy-duty shower head.

This shower head has a stainless steel hose, which is 60-inches long. With such a long hose, it is possible to rinse your knees if you want to. The set also comes with a shower arm, a handheld shower, and a fixed shower head.

The shower head is 5 inches wide, while the slide bar, which is adjustable, is 23.6 inches. It  features a top-quality chrome finish.

To ensure that no sediments are building up, the nozzles are made of rubber. Normally, the shower head shells are resistant to scratch. Whether you need a spray and massage setting, spray, bubble, or even both, you can simply choose from the five available settings. Alternatively, you can use the massage or the spray and bubble settings. 

On the downside, some customers mentioned that the suction cup does not hold the bottom perfectly.

  • Excellence pressure
  • Durable
  • Long hose suitable even for disabled people
  • Great chrome finish
  • Can be used commercially or for domestic use
  • Features five water spray settings
  • Can use both shower heads solely or concurrently
  • Suction cup is of poor quality

10. Neptune Dual Shower Heads-Chrome 53

In just a matter of seconds, you have the Neptune dual shower head well installed and working.

In addition, the product features a 3-position shower spray pattern and a spray flow rate of 2.5 GPM. You can choose to have a full stream or a soft spray according to your preference.

This is not the shower head that falls and hits your head while you are enjoying a warm shower. No! The shower head remains intact. The shower-head manifold, which is made of solid brass, firmly holds the shower head in its place.

The shower face, which is made of plastic, lasts long since plastic is resistant to rust. You can enjoy several years of service before you start shopping for a replacement.

Unfortunately, this product may not be ideal for the elderly or family members with physical challenges, since it features dual fixed heads.

Plus, the shower heads have no regulator. As such, water flows simultaneously from both shower heads once you turn it on. This is because a water diverter is what connects the two heads.

However, there’s something great about Neptune Dual Shower Heads;  the three spray setting. In addition, the heads, though fixed,  can rotate according to your likings. As such, one head can point up while the other one is pointing down.

  • Plastic shower head face do not rust
  • Very easy to install
  • Features a three shower settings option
  • Shower head stays in place; thus keeps you safe
  • Shower-heads spray concurrently, thus providing enough water
  • Shower heads are fixed

Types of Dual Shower Heads

Dual Shower Head with Handheld Shower

Amazingly, with a handheld dual shower head, you control the spray individually because it is possible to set shower heads individually. As a result, both shower heads can feature diverse spray settings simultaneously.

So, why is it called a handheld shower head? Simple. You can easily remove the shower head and hold it with your hand to spray any body part, including your thighs.

Also, depending on the model you purchase, your handheld shower-head may feature a long extension, which may allow you to wash the walls of your bathroom when need arises. The handheld shower-head makes it quite efficient to take a shower with the least time possible and lots of comfort.

Fixed Dual Shower Head

A fixed shower head means you cannot hold it with your hand since it has no extension. However, you can adjust it to face the direction you want.

You can install this shower head side by side. Alternatively, you can install them horizontally. Otherwise, if you want the shower to cover a wide area, let one shower head be above the other.

Why You Need a 2 Person Shower Head

There are many benefits of using a dual shower head.

The most obvious one is that instead of only having water flowing on your head down to the rest of the body, water flows from two shower heads. As such, there is plenty of water flowing to your body; thus, giving you a relaxed feeling.

Also, if you are using a dual shower head with a handheld shower, you can reach the hard-to-reach body parts with ease. This also helps to massage your body.

But these are not the only benefits. There are a couple more.

Allows Two People to Shower Together

A dual shower head allows two people to shower together.

So, if you and your partner wake-up late one morning and wants to shower fast, no need to wait for one another. Just head to the bathtub and take a shower together.

Also, for mothers with kids who hardly want to leave their presence, you can shower together. What’s more? If your pet never lets you go off his sight even when you want to take a shower, don’t worry, go shower with him. It will definitely end up being a fun moment for both of you.

Individual Shower Settings

One of the primary benefits of double shower heads is that you can set the shower heads individually. For instance, you can choose to use body massage, rain steam, or spa spray options.

That makes it possible to have different sprays from different shower heads. It not only adds relaxation, but it also refreshes you maximally. Yes, even massaging you. Definitely, you will want to spend more time than usual in your bath tab.

Different Shower Temperatures

I have used a single shower head when taking a shower. Trust me; when the water gets accidentally hotter, you will want to jump out of that bathroom instantly. Right?

Of course, we all know how that can be dangerous. For instance, you could get scalds all over your body.

Else, you could fall as you try to jump out of the shower tab. That’s why, we recommend our readers to enhance their safety while taking a shower by avoiding cases of slipping accidentally.

Of course, you do this by buying a non slip shower mat. Nonetheless, with a dual shower head, you can keep the temperatures of your shower under control.

You can set different temperatures for your shower so that one has hot water while the other one has cold water. Definitely, that gives you a warm shower. As such, you cannot have scalds on your body.

Full Body Coverage

Handheld double shower head makes it possible to reach all parts of the body effortlessly. Without a doubt, that makes showering fast.

Choosing a Dual Shower Head With Handheld (What to Consider)


It is quite easy to install a dual shower head. However, if you have no idea how to go about it, check out this video on how to install a dual shower head. 

However, if you are uncomfortable doing it, then hire a professional to help you. Remember, your bathroom design is what tells you how you are going to set up your shower heads.

Ability to Adjust Settings

There are a couple of settings that a dual shower should have. For instance, water-saving economy, rain, massage, power-rain, and mist, just to mention but a few.

However, it should not be an uphill task to adjust the settings. You see, every member of the family will probably use different shower settings, right? As such, you might have to adjust those settings each time you take a shower. That’s why, it should be easy to adjust anytime you want. The ability to adjust these settings makes a product user-friendly for people of all ages.


Consider the durability of the product by checking the materials used. Most shower heads use stainless steel material, which is rust-resistant.

Remember that the finishing of the shower head is crucial in determining how long the product can last. So, check which material has been used to finish the shower head. The most common is a bronze, chrome, shiny stainless steel sheen, or copper finishing.


Though there are a variety of designs in the market today, the most common ones are circular, smooth, or rectangular. That, however, doesn’t mean that you must go by these designs.

You can always go for other designs such as sharp geometrical shape as long as it resonates well with your bathroom.

Water Flow

The water flow, which determines the amount of pressure your shower flows at, is determined by how effective the water head tank is able to push water through the plumbing. If there is insufficient pressure, you will have a slow flow of water.

Such a flow cannot give you a good massage, relaxation, and pressure. However, the shower head should have enough pressure to make it possible for water to flow fast with good pressure according to your preferences.


The product should have the ability to function in different ways according to different users’ preferences.

For instance, if your hubby wants a warm shower, he can get it while you take a cold shower. Additionally, if you only want to use one shower head and turn off the other, you should be able to do so without trouble. Still, if you want to switch off the flow of water, it should be easy and fast. In other words, check how possible it is to have different settings.


As much as buying a product that favors your pocket is necessary so as to avoid incurring debts, a good dual shower head may be a little pricey, but not too high to break the bank. A good shower head should be durable, versatile, feature different shower settings, and with an excellent design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shower head has the widest shower head face?

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Combo has a shower head face of 9”. That allows water to spread through your body well.

Approximately, how much water do dual shower heads use in one bath?

First, this can be a difficult question to answer because we all take different time showering. As such, the amount of water varies depending on individuals. Nonetheless, since the shower heads are two, they will definitely use more water than the single shower head. That could mean that you might end up using up to 2.5 gallons of water.

Do shower heads rust after several years?

No, unless you buy a fake product. The genuine dual shower heads do not rust. This is because the material used in construction is high-quality and resistant to rust. That also means that it will last longer and retain good water flow.

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