Best Gas Powered Pole Saw: Don’t Invest In One Before Reading This!

Often, when a need arises for a particular tool; for instance, the best gas powered pole saw, most buyers make a rushed judgment. This is mostly due to the urgency of the device. While the tool(s) could be urgent, it is paramount to know that buying the right tool for the wrong task(s) or a low-quality product could cost you more in the long last.

Still, buying the right tool for the right tasks without having the know-how of proper usage of the device could lead to injuries. In severe cases, death!

Gardenhomecare team cautions you not to act harshly.

In this article, we will give you the most crucial factors to consider when buying the best powered gas pole saw. Also, we will discuss the precautions necessary when using it.

Best Gas Powered Pole Saw: All There Is To Have In Mind Before Making A Purchase

i. Maintenance

As a matter of fact, all pole saws, whether it is the longest electric pole saw, gas or battery-powered, or even the manual ones, you have to service them once in a while. As such, consider the amount you will be required to pay for their maintenance and consider if you can afford it or not.

Fortunately, gas powered pole saws do not require a high maintenance cost like the electrical powered. Plus, their motors, in case of a breakdown, are not difficult to repair.

ii. Bar And Pole Length

If you look at most of the products in the gas powered pole saw reviews, you will note that the bar length ranges between 6-12 inches. Even so, most gardeners are fine with an 8-inches bar length as it works perfectly well.

It is also vital to mention that the bar length, in most cases, also determines what thickness the tool is meant to handle.

To be precise, a higher bar length also means the tool can cut through a higher thickness.

The pole length, on the other hand, is what helps you to reach the trees and branches. It is the pole length that determines how far, from the ground, you can reach the trees and branches.

When deciding the right tool, therefore, consider the height of the trees in your yard. It would be better though if you just bought a telescopic pole saw type. Why?

They allow adjustment of the pole length depending on the current tree height. This is specifically a great idea because buying too long poles will also have some drawbacks. One of which is the inability to stay stable when cutting.

Of course, this would equally expose you to danger. But just so you know, most pole saws range from 8” to 12”.

iii. Value For Money

When looking for the best gas powered pole saw, consider your budget. Look for a tool that is of top-quality within that budget. Sometimes people borrow money so as to buy a more costly tool. That looks like a good idea. Nonetheless, it is always crucial to consider the near future. What if the tool breaks down a couple of days after making a purchase? You’ll have to get another tool while still paying the debts you own.

It is, therefore, not advisable to go for tools that have a higher budget than you can afford. Alternatively, if the tool is not urgent, wait a little longer before buying a new one. During that time, save for it.

iv. Noise

One of the drawbacks of these tools is that they are much noisier than the electrical, manual, or battery powered pole saws. You must consider noise when buying this tool because some countries have noise regulation laws. As such, you might find yourself in the wrong hands if your neighbors report that there is too much noise from your yard.

If, however, you have no such law in your country, consider if you can bear the noise for long. Plus, if your neighbors will be okay with it.

Fortunately, the amount of the noise a tool produces is also determined by the model you are using. It is, therefore, crucial to buy the best gas powered pole saw that is not too noisy. Even with protective clothes such as earmuffs, some noise could be hazardous, especially if you are using the tool at home where there are other people.

v. Tool Weight

Anyone can handle the best hole saw kit for metal, but not everyone can handle the best gas powered pole saw. This is why.

Pole saws are weighty, and they are lifted above the head to reach branches and trees. As such, you need to consider the weight of the tool. Be sure you are strong enough to handle it. Otherwise, you might drop it while it is still in operation and end up injuring yourself badly.

Apart from that, you need to cut the trees or branches perfectly well. That is, at the right angle. That cannot be possible if the tool is too heavy for you to keep the right balance.

vi. Cutting Needs

Cutting needs, this is crucial! Your cutting needs determine the right model, the power and effectiveness of the tool. Many, tall trees will require the best gas powered pole saw. On the other hand, a few short trees may not necessarily need a powerful tool.

One thing, though to know is that a powerful and durable tool will also come with a high price tag.

Best Gas Powered Pole Saw: Stay Safe When Operating The Tool!

Operating a tool above your head means great caution needs to be taken. Otherwise, you, your loved ones, or any premises that is around you when working may be exposed to danger.

It is for that reason that you ought to take several precautions to ensure that you and your loved ones, as well as the building, are safe.

However, do also ensure that you carefully read the user manual of the product before using it for the first time.

Here are the proper precautions measures to enhance your safety when working:

a. Clear The Working Environment

The first thing before you start working is to ensure that there is no one near your working area. Remember, your eyes are focused on where you are cutting. As such, you might not be aware of the pets and kids walking beside you or under the tree.

Don’t even try to imagine the damage the tree or branches you are cutting would cause if they land on your baby or pet.

Also, ensure that there are no obstacles that would cause you to stumble and fall when you are operating the tool, for example, stones and logs.

b. Helmet

The head safety comes first, wear a helmet! We all know the consequences of a heavy tree branch, the saw, or the tree itself landing on your head. Don’t we?

Don’t wait to confirm. Buy a helmet that protects you from hurting in case such an accident occurs. Also, some saws, depending on the one you are using, can experience some kickbacks. If that happens unexpectedly, you might find yourself on the ground.

The helmet will ensure that your head does not get hurt.

If you do not wish to spend more money on goggles, go for a helmet that has an eye protection guard.

c. Ear Muffs

It doesn’t matter how many trees you intend to cut in a day or in an hour. If you love your hearing ability, just don’t ignore ear muffs. Unless in rare cases, hearing loss doesn’t occur instantly, it happens gradually.

Noisy environments, like is the case when using the best gas powered pole saws, can cause a gradual loss of hearing. Therefore, buy high-quality hearing muffs to use when using this saw.

d. Gloves

Pole saws require that they remain in your hands when cutting. Unfortunately, the tool can slip, especially if your hands are oily. To avoid such instances; it is necessary to wear sturdy, leather gloves. These gloves help to grip the tool in a way that it cannot slip accidentally.

e. Goggles

Debris, when cutting tree branches are likely to enter into your eyes. Consequences? You will not be able to see clearly, hence hurt yourself with the saw.

You avoid such instances by wearing goggles. But hey! Don’t go for the dark goggles; use clear goggles so that you will be able to see clearly where you intend to cut.

f. Long Pants

To avoid cases where your clothes get trapped by the tool when you are cutting, always ensure that you wear long pants. The pants will keep your legs and the knees safe when you are working.

However, ensure that the pants are light so that you don’t have to deal with too much weight from the pants as well as the saw.


You now have all the necessary information you need to ensure that you are picking the best gas powered pole saw. And, you also know what you need to have alongside it to ensure that you are working safely.


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