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5 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees in 2020 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

There is something about hanging tree branches that make them not as exciting. Not just from the beauty aspect, but also due to the risk that these branches pose to humans, animals and even property.

In the event that the branch falls on a house or passers-by, it can inflict disability-causing injuries and even death. Not to mention damages on properties and motorists. This is precisely why you need to trim tree branches anytime you deem them as dangerous.

But how do you do that if you do not have a hand saw for cutting trees? In this review, we review the best hand saw for cutting trees in the market, and the key factors to consider when buying a hand saw. 





Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

Editor's Pick

Folding Hand Saw Wood 8" Triple Cut

Best Budget


Best Value

For medium or small branches, Corona razortooth folding pruning saw is our best pick. So, if you have tree branches or baby trees that have a thickness of 5 or 6 inches, you can use this tool to cut them.  

This hand saw features 3-sided, sharp, and strong razor teeth. This makes it fast in cutting handing branches, saving your time and energy required in completing the task. 

To ensure that you are safe when not using this tool, always latch the tool. This prevents you from accidentally getting into contact with the sharp edges. Just fold the blade to latch it.

Is this a tool I can use for years? You ask.

The impulse-hardened tool makes this tool non-breakable. As such, the tool will last many years. The only thing you need to do is to use it on the right size of wood. Plus, keep sharpening it to ensure that it cuts effectively without applying unnecessary pressure.

Due to the co-molded handle, the tool never slips from your hands when working. Besides, all the time you will be using it, you will be comfortable. These features make it possible to cuts many tree branches in a day.

  • They last long
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Features 3-sided, sharp, razor teeth
  • Can fold it for safety purposes
  • Favorable price tag
  • Only cuts small and medium tree branches

2. Folding Hand Saw Wood Saw 8" Triple Cut Carbon Steel

For non-compromising tree trimming hand saws, buy the folding hand saw wood saw multi-purpose. This is why.

This hand saw has a premium construction that prevents breakage or bending of the saw during use. Also, due to its construction, the device also stays sharp for long. So you won’t have to keep on sharpening it.

If you like, you can also use it as camping saw, a limb saw, or a hunting gear hand saw.

Featuring a sharp medium-tooth, this hand saw can cut a variety of things. For instance, it can cut bones, plastic, and of course, wood. However, you must ensure that each of these does not surpass a diameter of 4-inches.

What’s more is that the 8-inches SK5 blade, which is made of carbon steel, is also adjustable. That definitely makes the tool easy to work with.

Since the tool has a pop-button, you can easily lock it. Worth noting is that the gear is not only dependable but also strong. So, it does not break off when using it.

This multi-purpose tool is foldable. As such, all teeth will be hidden to ensure that they do not harm you.

For smooth cuttings, the tool features hardened teeth. This help to curb friction when cutting, thus making it even fast to make cuts regardless of the material you are cutting.

  • Sharp and cuts fast
  • Usable on wood, plastic, and bone
  • Foldable for security concerns
  • Hardened material makes it durable
  • 3-sided teeth are strong
  • Gear is extra secure
  • Not suitable for branches with a thickness of more than 4 inches

3. BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw 

A light tool is easy to work with since it does not cause fatigue after working all day. Such is the BLACK+DECKER PHS550B.

This hand saw is unique in that it is powered by a 3.4 Amp, 4,600 SPM motor. You got no doubt that it is indeed a powerful hand saw for cutting wood.

But that’s not all you can use this tool for; you can as well use it to cut metal since it has a metal blade, too. 

For a gardener who is looking to spend money on the best tool for cutting trees that features a blade with a high capacity, this is the tool to carry home.

Besides, it comes with a storage bag. Carrying, moving, or storing the tool is, therefore, made easy. Due to its design, the tool is only usable in cutting straight cuts, not curves.

Whether you are a professional woodcutter or a homeowner, this tool is for you. One drawback though, is that the locking pin isn’t suited in a favorable position.

  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Electrical powered thus easy to operate
  • Cuts fast due to the powerful motor
  • Suitable for cutting wood, metal as well as plastic
  • Last long due to its quality
  • Locking pin unfavorable situated
  • Non-suitable for cutting curves

 4. Fiskars 7 Inch PowerTooth Folding Pruning Saw 

Any person who has used a hand saw can tell you how risky it can be in case it slips and lands on your hand.

This is why we recommend buying a hand saw with a non-slip handle. This is what makes Fiskars power tooth folding pruning saw a popular tool. The length of this blade measures 7 inches..

Fiskars pruning tool features triple-ground razor-sharp teeth to cut through tree branches fast. 

Unfortunately, once the blades get dull, you cannot sharpen them. You can only replace them when this happens.

Still, due to its quality, the tool is durable enough to last many years. For your safety purposes, you can lock the blade and pop it out when you need to cut branches.

  • The blade is lockable
  • Doesn’t slip when in use
  • Features triple-ground, sharp teeth
  • Can’t sharpen the blade (requires replacement when dull)

5. Silky Zubat Arborist Professional Hand Saw 

Whether you own a garden or lawn and need a tool to prune or trim trees, silky Zubat arborist professional hand saw will do an excellent job.

This tool is Japanese-made, and it is the tool you need for precious and smooth cuts. 

Besides, you can use it to cut steel, too.

Since the tool is made of Japanese metal as well as steel screws, the tool is said to last long.

Further, Silky Zubat hand saw is resistant to rust, and this solves the problem of blunt hand saws due to accumulated rust. 

  • Doesn’t rust
  • Top-quality construction
  • Quite durable
  • Makes precious metal, wood and plastic cuts
  • Is light in weight
  • High price tag

Choosing Hand Saws For Cutting Trees

When buying a hand saw for cutting trees, it is important to understand the factors to consider such as safety, quality, multi-purposes, tec.

A good hand saw for tree cutting should be sharp, durable, and high-quality. Plus, they must be sharp enough to cut the trees or trim them without breaking a sweat.


 You need to consider your safety when using the hand saw before settling for it. Improper use of a hand saw may cause injuries to the user.

However, there is a way of curbing or lowering such occurrences. Buying a hand saw with a non-slip handle ensures that the tool stays in your hand all through when cutting it.


It is without a doubt that you do not want to spend money on a tool that will break sooner than you expected. It is, therefore, important to check the quality of the handle as some hand saws break easily when used for a few months.

Unlike other saws that you have to check on the chain saw chain direction before using them, hand saws only need to be sharp to do a perfect job. As such, you need to ensure that the saw blades are sharp. Also, for those saws that cannot be sharpened, be sure they can last long before you replace the blades.

Still, be sure to check the material of the blades. Bearing in mind that the tool is used in cutting trees, it is most likely to rust after use even when stored appropriately.

As such, buy chrome-plated blades to lower the chances of rusting.

In addition, your blade should be strong enough so as not to bend when cutting metal, plastic, or wood (if meant for all those materials). Bending can be a recipe for injuring your hand.


Though hand saws are mostly used for cutting trees, it is also good to know that others are also used to cut metal and plastic.

So, if you know you are a plumber or woodcutter, going for a hand saw that could handle all these materials is a good idea. That will help eliminate the need to buy 3 hand saws for cutting three diverse materials.

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