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11 Best Hedge Shears (Manual) to Buy in 2021 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

As a gardener, landscaper or horticulturist, you need several essential tools. These tools range from pruning saw, mowers, bows and trimmers. 

However, you need the right tool for the right activity. Sometimes, you may require just one tool, while in other times, you will need a combination of several tools.

If you are looking to have a well-trimmed and well designed garden, hedge shears are a must-have tool. This tool helps you cut several branches at the same time, hence reducing your trimming duration

 We simplify the process of buying a manual hedge shears by recommending a list of the top rated hedge shears that are not only durable, but also efficient in giving you  a well-trimmed fence.





Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

Editor's Pick


Best Budget

ARS HS-KR1000 Hedge Shears

Best Value

Take your hedge trimming activities to another level with these great shears.

Okatsune Precision, which is Japan-made shears, comes with short handles and long blades. This aspect makes them ideal for cutting and trimming thick bushes. Also, it has sharp blades making your hedging an easy task.

Notably, the blades share the same material –Yosugi steel - with katana swords which ensure they remain sharp for a longer period. Again, the steel has a high carbon content assuring you of a stainless hedge shear.

Certainly, you do not want hedge shears whose handle will break within a short duration. Okatsune Precision handles are a product of the best Japanese white oak.

So, they are strong and durable as they keep up with normal tear and wear of gardening tools. Apart from this, you can be sure of sore-free hands.

With a blade length measuring 21 inches, Okatsune precision helps you to trim any bush length and height. You will not need a ladder to cut tall overgrown hedges.

Also, it has high flexibility made possible through the pivot bolt making it easy for you to maneuver even the smallest hedges.

Also, they come with a storage pouch to eliminate unwanted mishandling.  Above all, if you’re searching for light-weighted hedge shears, Okatsune Precision is the right choice.

These Hedge shears only weigh 1.5lbs which means it will feel as if you’re passing a hot-knife on a cheese. However, it lacks gel or padded handles which might cause blisters in your hands if you use it for a longer period.

  • It is Japanese-made 
  • Sharp blades 
  • It is flexible 
  • Light-weight 
  • It is expensive 
  • Lacks padded handles 

ARS Professional Hedge Shears ranks at the top for perfect shape and balance. They have high-quality blades providing you with superior durability.

Also, the steel-made blades offer a long-lasting sharpness, guaranteeing you a continued professional use.  Also, they are replaceable, meaning you will not buy new hedge shears when the blade diminishes. You only need a new blade. 

Accordingly, ARS Professional values flexibility. For this reason, the hedge shears come with a pivot bolt to help you adjust your blades according to your needs.

You will enjoy enhanced performance and best results. Also, the blades are sharp to give you a great trimming experience. However, be on the lookout when trimming your fence to avoid getting cuts on your hands.

If you want to become a prolific landscaper, ARS Professional is the perfect choice to kickstart your landscaping career. These hedge shears come with a unique and distinctive design to help you become creative in your trimming tasks.

With tough steel blades, these shears help you to cut thorns and thick bamboo stems. So, you will get tough thorns before they nab your body.

  • Replaceable blades
  • Durable - made of superior steel
  • Comes with a pivot-bolt that enhances flexibility
  • Sharp blades that ensure quick and efficient trimming.
  • Short blades making the uncomfortable choice for small hedges.
  • Thick metal blade – but light-weighted

Fatigue is a usual encounter while trimming your hedges.

But with Bahco Pro Super Light, your trimming will be a fanfare. These super brand hedge shears pay attention to fatigue reduction during the trimming sessions. They come with shock-absorbing bumpers and smoothly contoured grips which help to eliminate or reduce fatigue.

Also, they have a sharp point that helps you to rip on thick vegetation without a hustle. When it comes to durability, Bahco Pro are guaranteed to serve you over several years. The hedge shears are a product of well-crafted and hardened blade. 

In addition, the hedge shears come with partly serrated blades for cutting thick branches. Their blades are also long enough to cut several branches at a go.

When it comes to the handles, these hedge shears a good choice for challenging locations. The long and strong handles helps you reach far branches while giving you a hard bite.

Bahco Pro Super Light is a combination of aluminum handle and hardened steel, so it is rust-proof.

With this, they stand the tear and wear while meeting your needs. Also, the combination of the two materials makes it one of the lightest hedge shears on the market.

  • Durable and sturdy (rust-proof)
  • Made of aluminum and hardened steel 
  • Sharp points for ripping thick vegetation
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers that reduce fatigue
  • Short blade length - not a good choice for long hedges.
  • Does not work well for small hedges and vegetation.

Tabor is a top-ranking garden tool maker.

When it comes to hedge shears, this brand will not disappoint when it comes to shaping and trimming your hedges and gardens.

First, they have a razor-sharp blade to giving you a memorable trimming experience. The sharpness helps you to shape your hedge or decorative plants according to your desired design. Also, the shears contain a soft vinyl cushion grips to enhance your trimming comfort. So, you will not sustain blisters in your palm after lengthy use.

Again, these shears have shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce fatigue that result from trimming vibrations. By this, you can use your shears for a longer duration without feeling tired.

Working near your body can be challenging at times, but not with the Tabor Tools hedge shears. These shears have short handles that make it easy to work on branches near your body.

Also, they help you to stay in an optimal angle which prevents any cuts or injuries.

These shears have a fully hardened and sharp steel blades which provide a smooth trimming experience. Their smooth operated crisp cuts help you to retain healthy plants.

  • Razor-sharp blades 
  • Vinyl cushioned crisp 
  • Fully hardened steel blades 
  • Ideal for trimming branches closer to your body
  • Short handles but perfect for the boxwood and hedge shaping
  • Not extendable (less flexible)

Sometimes, trimming tall and dense shrubs and hedges can be challenging especially when your hedge shear length is not long enough.

Luckily, Tabor heard solves these worries. This top-ranking brand provides you with Tabor Tool Telescopic hedge shears for a smooth garden maintenance. The shear comes with outstanding features to make your shearing experience enjoyable.

Additionally, the shears have extendable telescopic handles that enable you to trim far and high hedges. In fact, it is 25 inches long when closed and can extend up to 33 inches. This way, it is flexible to match your trimming location needs.

Also, these shears have carbon-coated steel for strong cutting performance. The carbon steel blade guarantees you a beautiful look of your garden as it easily cuts through dense shrubs and hedges.

They have adjustable blade tension allowing you to trim any plant and flower shape with a little twist. You won’t hurt your plants as would happen while using a power trimmer. 

The blades are wavy to provide a comfortable precision cutting experience. The shears have shock absorber bumpers that reduce vibration, while reducing fatigue.

Furthermore, they have non-slip crisp that adds extra comfort in your arms.  You will not retain blisters after every trimming session. 

  • Extendable handles for easy trimming of far and high areas
  • A carbon-coated steel blade 
  • Extendable blade tension s
  • Shock absorber bumpers 
  • Sharp blades for trimming tough hedges and bushes
  • Have plastic handles but comfortable to your hands
  • Its blades are not replaceable.

Trimming by hand can be a tedious task, especially if you do not have the right shears.

Fiskars 391911-1002 Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears stands out as the best hedge shears when it comes to cutting through the soft non-woody stems. It is easy to operate, making the task effortless with no muscle pain. It is a dependable brand due to its features and quality.

Cutting hedges is not easy.  You can spend days and nights trying to come up with a clean cut. But with this brand of clippers, you will have a good cutting and trimming experience. It comes with a power level mechanism to give you more cutting power.
These garden shears has 8-inch gator-blade for holding branches firmly. In addition, it has hardened steel blades to cut the tough branches easily.

Also, it has an internal-built sharpening system that sharpens the blade during cutting actions. So, the blades remain sharp, enabling you to trim even the hard branches with less effort.

Certainly, everyone wants a high-quality product to get amazing results. So, Fiskars 391911-1002 have rust resistance steel blades, making them long-lasting and durable. However, you need to clean, oil, and store them safely after every use to enhance their performance.

Also, they have steel handles that enhance their durability. The handles have non-slip grips that offer control and comfort during trimming and pruning activities.

If these products ever fail, Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty. 

  • Easy to use on any trimming activity
  • Non-slip grips 
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Lifetime warranty meaning you can replace it without extra cost.
  • Best shears for thick and thin branches
  • Lack of adjustable knob in the middle of the blades
  • Requires regular care and maintenance to enhance performance

Remember, having the right garden shears makes work stress-free and easy.

This is why A.M. Leonard 9-inch Wavy Blade is the idea option for people searching for high performance and comfort. It has a lightweight with 13.5-inch handles for easy cutting of hard-to-reach branches.

At times, trimming the thick branches can cause sours in the hands. But not with A.M. Leonard brands. These shears have shock absorbers and comfortable handles that protect your hands from injuries. Also, the handles have comfortable molded composite grips to enable you to work for long hours.

Importantly, these hedge shears are perfect for producing smooth cutting on your hedges, pines, and vines. It has a wavy-edge blade for holding twigs while trimming them. This feature will not only give you a uniform finish but also prevent slipping off and grip woody branches.

In addition, these hedge shears are designed using high carbon steel wavy blades that are chrome plated for easy cleaning and rust-resistance. Also, A.M. Leonard 9-inch Wavy Blade has a pivot bolt for blade adjustment.

The good thing about this shear is; you can easily find the replacement bolt and bumpers. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. 

If you want to trim or prune a woody hedge, A.M. Leonard 9-inch Wavy Blade gives you a uniform cut Its design offers an advantage of a non-slip grip for you to easily deal with such branches.

  • Designed for all-purpose
  • Lightweight
  • Wavy-edged blades 
  • Chrome plated for rust-resistance
  • The blades need to be adjusted regularly
  • Blades require professional sharpening

Gonicc Professional Adjustable Hedge Shears is the best tool for trimming your live plants and flower garden. 

This tool has quality blades that are perfect for shrub clearing. The SK-5 high carbon blades ensure it is sturdy, durable, and sharp tool for cutting tiny, small, and large shrubs. Also, the blades are curved, allowing you to trim hedges according to your desired design.

Gonicc Professional enhance your firmness while working as it comes with an aluminum alloy handle. The ergonomic handle design adds another level of comfort and stability.

Landscapers prefer these shears for hard to reach heights. It has a closed length of 25 inches. Plus, you can extend to 33 inches to fit your demands.

Gonicc Professional has shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce fatigue during trimming and cutting activities. Hence, it allows you to work for an extra hour without feeling fatigued.

Besides, these hedge shears have an adjustable pivot bolt for blade pressure controlling. With this feature, it becomes easy to trim or cut through any flowers, hedges, and shrubs.

Gonicc Professional has lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you encounter a problem with the shears, you can reach out to the manufacturer for a replacement arrangement.

  • Sharp blades, light and easy to use
  • Durable, comfortable, and stable clippers
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce vibrations during trimming
  • Has excellent  and adjustable blades
  • The black rubber on the handle may have unpleasant smells after continuous use
  • Requires occasional smearing of anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion

Gardener comfort Gear Hedge Shears are best hedge shears for turning your overgrown flowers and shrubs into a natural beauty. It is ranks among the lightest shears on the market.

These manual hedge shears have non-stick coating steel blades combined with integral branch-cutter for efficient and easy large area trimming. Again, these blades are easy to sharpen using a stone or metal file, thus making it easy to maintain their sharpness. 

If you’re considering a trimming tool that increases the cutting power, Gardener 393 comfort is ideal pick. This tool has a simple and effective inbuilt patented gear that surge cutting power by 46%. So, you can cut hard and stubborn hedges without straining its blades or handles.

Gardener 393 comfort gear enables you to work for long without harming your body. To achieve this goal, the shears features integral Techno gel pads in the handle grips for optimal shock absorption.

In addition, the handles are short and made of plastic, hence adding no extra weight to the steel part. This eliminates arm and shoulder pains after a weekend of garden fence trimming. 

This hedge shear does not require regular maintenance. Plus, it has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean, hence saving you both time and money. 

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance-free
  • Lightweight due to the short plastic handles
  • Sharp blades that provide 46% more cutting power efficiency
  • Shock guard bumpers which allow easy and effortless trimming
  • Requires regular sharpening after use
  • Plastic handles may break easily.

 KSEIBI 143075 hedge shears have an extendable telescopic handle of 28 inches which you can extend up to 40 inches. With this, you can reach branches on higher heights without requiring a extendable ladder.

KSEIBI 143075 Hedge Shears is a good choice for all your garden maintenance purposes. This tool comes with features that allow you to use it as a trimmer, hedge clippers, garden pruners, and pruning shear. It has SK-5 hardened steel and 58+-2°C heat-treated blades which make it strong and have a long-lasting sharpness.

Also, these shears have an aluminum tubular oval light-weighted handle which makes it a right choice for people of all ages. Notably, it is a garden tool recommended for elderly and people suffering from wrist arthritis. KSEIBI observes and priorities user safety.

For this reason, these hedge shears come with a Thumb Release Safety Lock button which prevents unsecured trimming when working on long extensions.

To add on this safety, this garden tool has a comfortable grip handle that is ergonomically designed to prevent your hands from getting blisters and calluses.

These shears also have six extensions that enhance flexibility. For easy heavy-duty trimming or pruning, these hedge shears have a levering drive system that increases the blades cutting power. This makes it easy for you to deal with tough and stubborn dry branches.

  • Corrosion-resistant blades 
  • Thumb Release Safety lock button that prevents unsecured trimming.
  • Good for heavy-duty pruning tasks.
  • Extendable telescopic handle for high height trimming.
  • Only suitable for high height thin branches.
  • The handles can break easily.

If you’re having challenges dealing with thick branches, get TABOR TOOLS Small Bypass Lopper for your next trimming.

This garden tool allows you to handle light to medium-duty thick branches with ease. It has sharp and sturdy carbon hardened steel blades for precise cutting that ensure retention of your plant health.

Tabor tool's blades have a low-friction coated grinding for easy re-sharpening to enhance its durability. The blades have non-stick coating to reduce friction during the cutting process as well as retains its sharpness for a longer duration.

Also, it comes with a rubberized grip handles that offer high comfort during the trimming processes. The handles have an ergonomic design which enables you to cut any branches with ease.

TABOR TOOLS Small Bypass Lopper is small-sized, and you can carry it for outdoor activities. It is easy to carry in your truck or when going for outdoor camping, and you need to clear some bushes around the preferred site.

Its lightweight nature turns pruning into fun moments which offers you clean cuts. This aspect is possible due to its bypass blades that provide you with a scissors-like experience.

Tabor tools garden shears has a hole for easy hooking or pegging that is created when you close the blades. Alternatively, you can use the holes on its handles to hang it upside down.

  • Grip handle cover that increases comfort and optimum performance.
  • Has holes on the handles and blades for easy storage
  • Bypass blades that offer scissors-like pruning experience.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting sharpness
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty pruning tasks.
  • Requires more effort to cut through thick branches.

Choosing Hedge Shears for Garden Trimming

Choosing the best hedge shears can be a daunting task. To help you out, we developed a list of important aspects to consider when buying a hedge shear.

Some of the factors to consider include:


Certainly, shears should be built using durable materials to make it last longer. You do not want to buy shears each month. Durability depends on the material used to craft the shears.

It is, therefore, important to always consider a steel shear that is strong and rust-proof. Such hedge shears can withstand the wear and tear issues and serve you for several years.

Weight of the hedge shears

Weight is the other essential factor to consider.

During your trimming sessions, you will need to lift and hold your shears. Sometimes, you will lift them beyond your shoulders for a long duration. For this reason, you should consider shears that do not become a burden.

Always go for light-weighted shears. These shears will allow you to work for long without experiencing fatigue or pain in your shoulders and arms. Specifically, find garden shears that are made with plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, or wooden handles.

Ease of use

When purchasing hedge shears, consider the ones with scissors-like cutting action. Such hedge shears are easy to close and open.

Also, go for hedge shears with cushioned handle grips and ones with bumper system or shock absorption bumpers. These elements eliminate vibrations and strains during the trimming activities and reduces blisters.

Also, they help protect your hands from being harmed by the shrubs. Still, your arms are safe from unnecessary fatigue. This way; it becomes easy and stress-free to use even for consecutive days in a week.

Availability of Spare Parts

While you may want to purchase hedge shears on offer, lack of spare parts in the market makes it worthless.

Certainly, you do not want to buy hedge shears that will become worthless when it gets a defect.

That being the case, you should get shears that you can fix by replacing defective parts whenever need arises. Spare part availability not only extends the shears life, but also offers value for your money.

Cost of the hedge shears

In the actual sense; the hedge shears' cost is not the price you see on the tag.

Rather, it includes the market price plus the maintenance costs. While the product may sound affordable, it may be expensive to maintain or even replace defective parts.

Some shears come with self-patented cleaning systems. Others do not require cleaning as they have a non-stick coating. Others require regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Hence, do not let the discounts to fool you. Check and calculate the shears maintenance cost before making your purchase decision.

Handles and blade length

The shears handles and blades length play a crucial role especially if you are trimming a wide section.

If you are cutting or shaping hedges near you, shears with short handles are a good choice. When you are working on far-to-reach plants and shrubs, consider shears with long blades and extendable handles.

The cutting blades

 Most shears in the market have a straight, forged steel blade. These shears are easy to sharpen with a metal file or stone. Other shears have serrated blades which are ideal for gripping and trimming large branches.

Also, you will find shears with wavy blades. These shears are essential for trimming open-structured plants. They prevent these plants from sliding across the blade during trimming. However, these blades require professional sharpening that might be costly for some users.

Another type of shear blades are those that come with pivot-bolt for adjustment. These shears offer flexibility to fit your needs. Nonetheless, the pivot-bolt is the first part that may become dysfunctional. 

Above all, your shears of choice should have an easy to sharpen blade and in most cases one with long-lasting sharpness. Thus, consider these aspects on the blade before purchasing any shears.

Types of Hedge Shears

Certainly, hedge shears do not share similar features.

Each type of hedge shears comes with a distinctive design to match their intended applications. For this reason, you need to know about different types of hedge shears available in the market. This way, you will make the best choice to meet your trimming needs.

Straight vs. wavy blade hedge shears

When searching for hedge shears, you will have an option of choosing one with straight blades or wavy blades.

The straight-bladed shears offer a scissor-like cutting experience. They have straight blade edges that make them ideal for cutting light and foliage hedges. These shears have a smooth operation and do not need much effort to cut through a stem.

On the other hand, wavy bladed shears have contoured and waved edges. This aspect gives them a grinding or biting action, unlike straight blades. Wavy blades design is a suitable option when trimming thick and dense shrubs such as vines.

So, depending on the nature of hedge or shrub you’re working on, you can consider straight or wavy bladed shears.

Normal vs. telescopic handles

Typically, you will get hedge shears with normal handles and telescopic ones.

The telescopic handles are extendable. Also, they have an adjustable slider that enables them to contract. These type of hedge shears are good for a wide range and high height trimming. Their features enhance the cutting power without extra efforts.

While they are perfect for long-range trimming, they have their shortcomings. First, they’re expensive. Second, they have high damage potentials due to their many moving parts. Therefore, if you must buy them due to their high-quality, ensure that you are careful when handling them.

Normal handles are the next type of shears in the market. These hedge shears have normal handles with non-moving or extendable features. They are perfect for use in shaping and trimming activities. Also, they are affordable and durable. Lack of moving parts means they do not get damaged easily, unlike the telescopic ones.

Precautions When Using the Hedge Shears

While using a shear can be such an enjoyable experience, you need to take some precautions to avoid unwanted injuries when trimming your hedges.

Here are some of the precautions to consider:

Consider wearing safety gloves

All shears have sharp blades and edges. That is to say; if you’re not careful, you will easily get minor to serious cuts.

To prevent such occurrences, it is recommendable to wear safety gloves. These gloves should be of top quality. That means; they should be thicker than the normal gloves to withstand any cuts and punctures from your shear blades and edges, while you work.

Always hold shears by their handles

Though it is a common practice to hold the shears by their handles, it is a crucial safety tip.

Most times when you are not using the hedge shears; you may end up holding them by their blades, especially if you are absent minded. Holding shear blades can lead to cuts.

Thus, be cautious and hold your shears in the right place when using or carrying them to avoid hurting yourself.

Clean your shears after use

Certainly, leaving your hedge shears with debris reduces their life span.

As you know, some hedge shears may not be rust-resistant. So, they can easily get damaged when left wet. Others require regular maintenance. Failure to clean and maintain it properly means you will have to purchase other shears in a short while.

Always be alert

When using any other sharp object, you need to be alert. Similarly, avoid unnecessary movements or multi-tasking while using your hedge shears. 

Focus on your task until it is over. Remember, any misguided movements can make the shears to slip off. This incident can lead to a severe injury to you or another person.

Don't handle when drank

If, in any case, you drink often and think of cutting shrubs; you are endangering your life.

You might lose control and fall on the sharp blades. Also, if you are on strong medication that is not advisable to use when doing tedious jobs; it would be good if you do not use the hedge shears until you are well.

Still, young children should not be allowed to use these tools. They may harm themselves or others, especially if they confuse the tool for a playing tool.

Wrapping up

After continuous testing and evalution, Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears stands out as the best hedge shears in our list.

This tool has unique features than all the shears in our reviews. Its steel quality blades enhances durability and long-lasting sharpness than any other shears on the list. You can use it to trim or shape any vegetation regardless of its height, size, or length.

Although a bit pricey, it guarantees you value for your money. Moreover, it is ideal when handling different types of decorative plants, shrubs, and hedges.

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