Best Hole Saw Kit For Metal And Wood: Your Best Drilling Companion!

Not a single workshop would be complete without the best hole saw kit for metal and wood. However, even electricians will, in most cases, require this kit. Even so, the various options in the market can confuse you and lead you into buying the wrong hole saw kit for metal and wood.

The consequences?

You end up buying the wrong tool, especially now that even the manufacturers are using high price tags. Why? To make you believe the product is of excellent quality.

It becomes even more complicated when making online purchases because you cannot test the product before paying. Thanks to this review, we made it easy for you.

Just check your perfect match in this best hole saw kit for metal and wood review.

Greenlee 660 Kwik 7-Piece Best Hole Saw Kit For Metal

For heavy drilling tasks, consider Greenlee 660 Kwik 7 as the best hole saw kit for metal. What’s more, due to its construction, the tool will drill thin to thick metals without breaking down. To avoid cases of over drilling; the tool features a flange. As such, you can be sure of doing accurate drilling, which will definitely make your customers love your work.

The carbide teeth ensure drilling is fast and efficient. The product features shallow gullets. Of course, this can be a drawback for a metal cutter who drills through extra thick metal regularly.

To make the removal of slug stress-free, the kit has an ejector. You can, therefore, remove the slug real quick. Interestingly, this part is available in all available sizes of this equipment. What’s more? They are always above two inches.

Since the product features a stop button, using it to make precious cuts is just as easy as pressing the button. Interestingly, you can always replace the cobalt steel pilot drill whenever the need arises.

Greenlee 660 Kwik 7 is one of the most durable hole saw kits you will find in the market. There are two arbor pieces. That is 645-011 and 645-022. The cutter heads, on the other hand, are five. They include 2 inches cut, 7/8 inches, 1⅛ inches, 1¾ inches, and 1⅜ inches.


  • Has a stopping button, hence easy to avoid making wrong cuts
  • Slug trouble-free to remove
  • Works perfectly on all metal
  • Strong and durable


  • Shallow gullets

LENOX Tool Best Hole Saw Kit For Metal (308042000G)

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit turns out to be two times better than the other Lenox previous models. Why? It is more durable. The wall thickness of the hole saw is excellently thickened so that it can last longer and not break after a few years.

The hole saws, on the other hand, is a set of the most frequently used sizes. That makes the tool a good choice for most metal cutters.

For trouble-free removal of the plug, this kit comes with a speed slot, which looks like a staircase. This design is what makes it easy to remove the plug. With LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, drilling becomes even easier since the kit comes with sharp as well as large teeth.

To cater to all your cutting needs, the kit comes with different hole-sizes. Amazingly, the cutters don’t get dull easily.


  • Price is low
  • Sharp teeth
  • Durable
  • Diverse hole saw sizes


  • Contrary to the advertising, this is a T2, not T3 technology

Bosch 25-Piece Master (HB25M) Best Hole Saw Kit For Metal

Bosch HB25M is the best hole saw kit for metal and woodcutters looking for a quality product with a favorable price. Its efficiency in working on both metal and wood is due to the presence of the pilot bit.

The tool features 11-hole options. For a new metal or woodworker with no experience of using kits, this can be a good starting point.

Due to the alternating teeth, the tool works fast, thus helps complete tasks fast.

Because of the presence of cobalt alloy, which amounts to 8 percent, this kit is said to be one of the best hole saw kit for metal and wood that is strong and durable.

Amazingly, the kit also has a positive lock, which helps minimize wobbling.

In the set, you will get seven adapters ranging from 1¼ inches to 6 inches.

What captures gardenhomecare research team’s attention is the product’s price. It is quite favorable.


  • Last long since it is strong
  • Affordable
  • Minimal wobbling
  • Many hole options available
  • Suitable for both metal and wood


  • Some buyers say the quality could still be advanced

Milwaukee 49-22-4185 Best Hole Saw Kit For Wood

With the ability to make holes ranging from ¾ inches 2 ½ inches, Milwaukee 49-22-4185 is not the best hole saw kit for metal. Why?

It is only suitable for softwood as well as plastic. However, if you choose to use it on metal or concrete, just get ready to replace it sooner than you should.

Amazingly, this is not a product you have to be an expert to use. Reason? It is so easy to use so that anyone, even upcoming DIYers, can use it without trouble.

Made in the USA, the kit features a radiused tooth back. This feature is essential in lowering stress on the teeth when cutting. Due to that, the tool will give you many years of service.

With Milwaukee 49-22-4185, removing the chip is fast. This is so because of the deeper gullets found in the kit. Interestingly, removing of the plug is also trouble-free because of the presence of the functional slot geometry.

One drawback though, is that there are only a few sizes available to choose from.


  • DIYers can easily use it
  • Features a radiused tooth back
  • Cuts softwood and plastic efficiently
  • Cuts fast due to its design


  • Can’t cut metal
  • Only a few sizes to choose from

Tacklife 51

Are you a metal or woodcutter and needs a hole saw kit for metal and wood? Tacklife, as long as you use it on, thin PVC boards, will do an excellent drilling job. Also, you can use it on plastic as well as softwood.

Hardwood, on the other hand, can only be computer tables, density, or particle boards.

In the package, you will get an installation plate, hex key, and 2.5mm hex wrench. Besides, you also get two pieces of mandrels. What’s more?

There are twelve tacklife PHS01C carbon steel hole saws. This package makes drilling tasks to become easier than they would ever be. Amazingly, this is a kit you can carry wherever you are going because the plastic packaging is well organized and keeps everything intact.

But here’s one thing you will love about this kit, after drilling, the product is smooth, thus leaves high-precision holes.

With this kit, you can make ¾ inches to 5 inches. Thanks to Tacklife, it comes with a low, favorable price. There is, therefore, no reason for not buying the tool.


  • Portable storage
  • Price tag is low for most people to afford
  • Can make up to 12 diverse hole-sizes


  • Unsuitable for hardwood or metal

Best Hole Saw Kit For Metal: Buying Guide Tips

a. Purposes

The very first thing you need to do before looking for the best tool kit is the type of material you will be cutting. If, for example, you are a wood and metal dealer, then you need the best hole saw kit for metal and wood.

Using the tool kit for the wrong purposes, like say, cutting concrete may work. However, you will be lowering the life of your tool kit.

It is, therefore, necessary to only use the kit for the purposes you bought it.

Still, it is necessary also to remember that a metal hole saw kit might not handle all kinds of metals. Some can only cut thin metal. Hence, always verify if the tool will handle the thickness you need to cut.

A few more tips from the experts: If you need a hole saw kit for stainless steel, then think of buying the cobalt hole saw kits. They are also effective in handling harder steel.

But, if you are a commercial driller, then consider purchasing the carbide hole saw kits. Nonetheless, they are not appropriate for hand drills. Also, avoid using them on drill presses.

As long as you know how to properly use a hole saw, your tool will last long.

b. Compatibility

Of course, the hole saw kit doesn’t work without a drill. You need a drill to make the holes. Even so, not all hole saw kits will work with a particular drill. As such, you must identify the right saw kit that is compatible with your drill. Otherwise, you will count losses.

c. Speed

If you are wood, metal, and plastic cutter, it is necessary that you go for the High-speed steel, abbreviated as HSS.

These tool kits can cut on metal, wood, and plastic without breaking.


Without a doubt, we would not settle on any of the above tools being the best hole saw kit for metal and wood. This is your needs, and your budget determines the best tool.

However, we have made it easier than ever by compiling a list of the best kits you can find in the market.


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