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7 Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure Reviews in 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

No gardener will do without watering their garden at least once every few days.

However, the choice of the tool you use to water your garden can determine if you get a good harvest or not, because too much water or lack of it could cause disaster to your seeds. One of these essential tools is a sprinkler head for low water pressure. 

A good sprinkler head should water all intended areas evenly. Besides, the sprinkler head should work well with either low or high pressure according to its model. Still, the material used to construct the head should not be corrosive. 

While all this is clear to everyone, finding the best sprinkler heads for low water pressure can be such a frustrating task. Fret not. We evaluated over 100 sprinkler heads to get the top 7 rated picks. 





Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Editor's Pick

Rain Bird 1804VAN Sprinkler Heads

Best Budget

Rain Bird CPRSDBEX Wired Rain Sensor

Best Value

Hunter PGP ULTRA rotor tops our list for its effectiveness and high-performance if you have low water pressure.

This sprinkler head comes with a total of 34 nozzles, all different. Plus, you have an option to choose the radius to use from the many available options. Also, you can select the full-circle adjustment. The full adjustment features a circle of 50 to 360 degrees. That is to say; you will be able to cover a wide area.

You also get a headed slot as well as a set of screws.

If you are looking for something that will rise slightly above the ground, here’s the sprinkler head you should think of buying. After installation, it raises to 4 inches above the ground. 

Are you worried that dirty water will block the nozzles? No need. The manufacturer made improvements to this device so that, on the internal gear, it can tolerates dirty water. This eliminates instances of blockages. 


  • Comes with adjustment tools
  • Excellently tolerates dirty water
  • Features a full-circle adjustment
  • Nozzles come pre-installed
  • Features many different nozzles


  • Some customers say it does not last many years

Orbit 55662 voyager covers a wide range, and is best suited for medium to large lawns. It can spray a radius of 25 to 52 feet. 

Interestingly, you can adjust the radius of the coverage whenever you need to. 

The tool comes with a key. Use that key to adjust the spray coverage up to 360 degrees. Nonetheless, you need to take good care of that key lest you lose it and have trouble making adjustments.

If you have a sprinkler system that is broken, no need worry. You can buy this sprinkler head and replace your old or defective sprinkler system.

Amazingly, if you own any brand of gear drive rotor sprinkler, you can always connect it to orbit 55662 voyager since it is compatible.

In one minute, this sprinkler head sprays at least three gallons of water. However, you can choose a different nozzle as the tool features several different nozzles. 


  • Several nozzles to choose from
  • Features a wide water coverage
  • Is compatible with all brands
  • Can be used to replace old or defective sprinkler heads
  • Allows adjustability of the spray coverage from partial to full


  • Tricky to adjust coverage for first-time users
  • Doesn’t water much around the sprinkler head

Rain Bird 1804VAN professional pop-up sprinkler head is a stainless steel tool featuring a flush retraction each time you use it.

When popped up, it features a height of 4 inches.

For the best results, go for the low-pressure water settings. You will love it! Thanks to its adjustable spray distance options. You can adjust it from 8 to 15 inches.

Regardless of the size or shape of your lawn, this sprinkler head won’t frustrate you. 

It is possible to adjust the spraying rotation up to 360 degrees. Since this sprinkler head is made of stainless steel, it will not corrode and will last for a long period. 

But that’s not all. We loved the fact that it does not clog. It features a tapered pop-up neck. Thus, debris cannot get into the sprinkler head to block it, thus affecting its effectiveness. Definitely, it is worth every coin.


  • Suitable for heavy duties
  • Doesn’t clog
  • Spraying is adjustable up to 360 degrees
  • Made of stainless steel, thus long-lasting
  • Requires no tools to adjust the arc


  • Nozzles spray in an uneven pattern

Rain bird 25PJDAC brass impact sprinkler is easy to install, and it is stress-free to adjust the head. Hence, you can either use a partial circle or go for the full settings, which is 360 degrees.

However, just like the rain bird 1804van professional pop-up, this tool, too, requires a low pressure to work better.

Due to its construction, Rain bird 25PJDAC is one of those durable sprinkler heads you will find in the market. To be precise, it is constructed with bronze, brass, and stainless steel.

Rain bird 25PJDAC brass impact sprinkler features a male pipe connection of 1-2 inches. Talking of the deflector flap, you can use it to adjust the spraying distance to a radius of 41 from 20 inches.

Unfortunately, the tool has no definite direction for setting the patterns. As such, you will have to do a trial and error method to get the right settings. Of course, for a new buyer, this can be frustrating.


  • Durable than most brands in the market
  • Works well with a low pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Possible to use a partial or full circle


  • No sure way of setting the patterns

Featuring a slow rotation, this dual brass-weighted arm offers better coverage than most of the brands.

To ensure that there is uniform water coverage, rain bird P5R plastic impact sprinkler has a diffuser screw. This diffuser helps in creating smaller droplets of water.

Though it is made of plastic, this sprinkler head is durable, and can withstand may years of continuous use. Plus, its material is sturdy. 

If you are tired of nozzle blockages, this lawn sprinkler head is just what you need. It has removable bayonet nozzles. As such, you can never worry about the dirty water that you are using in your garden. As a matter of fact, the tool works excellently, even with dirty water.

If you have buildings near your lawn or a newly sealed driveway, it is necessary to avoid having water all over. Hence, you need to use a sprinkler head that doesn’t allow walkway or side splashing. And rain bird P5R is precisely what you need.

This is possible due to the presence of the spray guide, which makes it possible to control the stream.


  • Effectively controls water stream
  • Made of plastic, thus cannot corrode
  • Made of a durable material
  • Is strong, hence won’t be blown off by water pressure
  • Easy to clean nozzles. Hence no blockages


  • Adjustability of the settings is only possible when water is off

Without a doubt, Toro 53814 pop-up may not be the best option for everyone. This is because it features a fixed spray mechanism.

Besides, this tool is ideal for gardeners who own a medium size lawn. You can either buy the 3 or 4-inch pop Toro 53814 according to your needs.

Toro 53814 features an adjustable spray pattern that can adjust up to 360 degrees. Talking of the radius it covers, it is 15 foot wide.

One of the best things about this product is that it is easy to use and set up. You, therefore, don’t need any help to set it up. However, you need to ensure that you set it properly so that it can only spray your intended areas. Otherwise, it will spray even unwanted areas.

Maintaining and cleaning this tool is also easy. All you need is just connect it to the source of water and clean the head as it moves.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It is a plug and play-easy to install
  • Features a 360˚water radius
  • Available in either 3 or 4” pop up head


  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • Fixed spray mechanism not ideal for all

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your lawn is over-watering.

Not only will it mess the garden but also cause damage to the seeds you have planted. This mostly happens if you have a sprinkler system watering the garden even when it is raining.

The manufacturer of rain bird CPRSDBEX wired rain sensor had you in mind. As such, they designed this tool in a way that it automatically stops watering the garden as soon as it starts raining. Without a doubt, this makes it easy for you to water the garden even when you are away from home.

To ensure that the sprinkler head lasts long, it comes with an extension wire that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. This wire is 25 inches long.

This device, too, allows you to make an adjustment to the rainfall settings. That is, you can adjust it from 1/8 to 3/4 inches in just a single dial twist. 

Not only that, but the tool also features an ultraviolet resistant body. Thus, the head can last long, even in harsh conditions.

Besides, this head is compatible with almost all irrigation controller systems.


  • Automatically turns off when it rains
  • The body is resistant to UV rays
  • The wire is also resistant to UV rays
  • Possible to adjust the rainfall settings


  • By itself, it is not a sprinkler head!

Choosing a Lawn Sprinkler Heads

Lawn Shape and Size

If you have a large lawn, you should get the best sprinkler heads for low water pressure that covers a wide area. 

However, if you own a small garden, you may consider buying a sprinkler head that will cover a small dimension.

The other thing to consider is the shape of your lawn. Some lawns have sharp corners. As such, you need to ensure that you buy a spray-type sprinkler head. Alternatively, go for a sprinkler with small rotary nozzles. This way, you will not have any water wastage issues.


 High-quality goes hand in hand with the price. Anything durable will give you service for long before you think of buying another sprinkler head. Hence, enough reason for a high cost.


When talking of longevity, we are talking the material such as a metallic sprinkler head that cannot rust when exposed to harsh conditions. At least, we all know that metals will not break easily. So, the critical thing here is buying a non-corrosive material.

If, however, you choose to buy plastic heads, be sure to confirm if it is strong enough so as not to break if the water pressure is too high. Such plastic materials can be ABS material.

Types of Lawn Sprinkler Heads

There are many types of lawn sprinkler heads. Each of these types has unique features that determine how effective it is.

Your watering needs determine which type is best to buy. So, decide how much pressure you need, how you want to water your garden, and how possible it is to adjust the settings of your sprinkler head.

Our Verdict

While we may have chosen Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional to be the best lawn sprinkler heads in our list, previous customers proved us otherwise.

A majority of customers said that, if they had an option of choosing between this product and Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor, they would pick the latter. Even so, according to our research, most buyers were happy with both products and confessed that they could do well with either.

On the other hand, for customers who do not own a big lawn and don’t want to spend a lot on buying sprinkler head, Toro 53814 pop-up fixed-spray won’t frustrate. However, you have to be ready to use a fixed-spraying mechanism.

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