The Best Rated Manual Pole Saw: Pruning Just Got Easy!

Not all manual pole saws are the same; some are top-rated over others. Why? They have a non-compromising quality. Still, they are easy to maneuver and are durable. The best rated manual pole saw, however, tends also to have a higher cost than its counterparts.

Additionally, the product can also do small tasks as well as huge ones. Do you have a problem with the commercial gutters because you have to clean them often due to the number of trees surrounding the office?

It is time to get the best manual pole saw and prune every branch that deserves to be out of place.

Why Should You Buy the best Rated Manual Pole Saw?

Unlike the price you will see in our gas powered pole saw reviews, the best rated manual pole saw is way cheaper. Besides, they are lighter, and they need no gasoline to work. As such, if you know you love camping or your area often experiences frequent power outages, manual pole saws are ideal for you.

These pole saws also can reach higher branches than the gas and electric pole saws. If, therefore, your trees have grown longer and needs to be cut, do not hesitate to purchase this product. Using a ladder while using a pole saw can be risky. Therefore, go for a pole saw that can enable you to cut those branches from the ground.

1. Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Razorsharp (Telescopic) Pruner

Here’s the winner of the Great British Growing (grow your own) 2018 Award, Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Razorsharp Pruner.

You don’t want a tool that gets blunt after cutting one branch, right? A tool that stays sharp longer is, therefore, the best deal. As such, you would not go wrong if you picked this out of the lot. Why?

Due to its material, the tool doesn’t get blunt fast. To be precise, the tool is made of SK5 carbon steel blade.

Talk about the telescopic handle. It extends up to 234 cm, which is good enough for reaching high branches. The tool can extend up to 92 inches. If your yard has large branches, then don’t think twice about getting this tool. Its 13 inches saw can cut large branches comfortably. And, the lopper can efficiently cut branches that are 30mm (1.2 inches) thick.

The tool is assembled before importing. Thus, you use it immediately on arrival.

Do you want to adjust the length of the cord? It is simple. Start by pulling the lock to the open position. You can as well as pull the cord out of the cleat. Next, gradually adjust the position of the grip. How about locking the handle? You need to push the lock to the initial ‘Lock’ position.


  • It is the best rated manual pole saw according to the award given
  • Doesn’t get blunt quickly
  • Long-lasting due to its construction
  • Ready for use on arrival as is already assembled
  • The cord’s length is adjustable
  • The tool extends up to 92 inches
  • It is light


  • If pruning branches that are more than 20 inches, you need a ladder
  • Since it is light, not suitable for pruning on windy days-it’s blown away!

2. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

For longevity, the best manual pole saw should be made of carbon SK5 steel. Such saws last long and don’t break easily. Hooyman tree saw is one of them. Besides, the impulse 4-edge tooth is also hardened to effectively and efficiently cut through hardwood.

Interestingly, this saw is extendable up to 10 feet. You can as well collapse it up to 28-inches. That means that this saw can prune tall branches easily.

It has a unique XP MegaBite design.

Amazingly, when you need to use the pole, you can fold the saw and slide it in the extension arm and lock it. When you need the handsaw, you detach it. This design is called an in-line design, and it makes your tool versatile.

Since you can lock the saw, it is easy to move around with it. As such, it can be a good choice for those who love camping. Also, if your yard is away from your store, it will still be easy to carry the tool to the working area.

After all, as long as you are ordering the 5-foot saw, you will also get a durable carry-case that makes portability easier.


  • Well built, thus not prone to breakage
  • The saw is lockable
  • Can extend up to 10 feet
  • Durable, hardened teeth cut through easily
  • 5-foot saws come with a durable carry case


  • Difficult to collapse to 12 inches
  • Noisy when collapsing

What Should You Look For When Picking The Best Rated Manual Pole Saw?

Just like when looking for the longest electric pole saw, there are a few factors that should guide you in your selection for the best rated manual pole saw. These factors are vital in ensuring that your pick will not end up being a frustrating one.

Plus, since there are many fake tools in today’s market, being deceived by sellers who masquerade like genuine dealers can be easier than you think.

It is, therefore, paramount to arm yourself with these factors to pick the best manual pole saw like a pro.

a. Safety

It can only begin with safety. If you are not safe while working with a particular tool, regardless of its features no need to think about it. Unless if you are contemplating suicide!

So, the best rated manual pole saw should have a plastic grip that doesn’t slide off your hands when you are working with it.

Whether you have gloves on or not, the tool should be firm in your hands, both in summer and winter seasons. Otherwise, it will expose you to danger.

Moreover, the blade should be sharp. Remember, you are pruning branches that are higher than you. As such, you do not want something that you are going to strain while using it.

b. Construction

Most people get confused if to pick a light tool or a heavy one. We know it can be confusing, especially when you consider how you will be using the tool. Here’s what you need to know; the tool should not be too heavy.

On the other hand, it should not be too light as that may also mean that it will break easily. So, ensure there is a balance between height and quality.

c. Pole Length

How far do you want to reach? The height of your tallest trees should determine the height of your best rated manual saw.

Nonetheless, you also need to add the height of the blade.

In addition to that, do also add your height and determine the right pole length.

d. Saw blade

There are two things that you need to consider, the material of the blade as well as how easy it is to sharpen it.

Most manual pole saws come with steel blades. This material is easy to sharpen, and the tool does not get blunt often.

Also, with good material, you will be sure that the blade will not rust soon. Of course, that means that the tool will last longer and work effectively.

Apart from that, be sure to consider what thickness the tool can handle. If you want to cut thick branches, go for long blades. Short blades are useful in cutting thin branches.

e. Versatility

As an economic gardener, you will want to buy a manual saw that is conversable. We discussed one such tool when writing the Earthwise pole saw review. Feel free to check it out.

Such tools can save you the money that you could otherwise use on buying another different device.

So, when buying the best manual pole saw, consider if there are other tasks it can handle.

Our Verdict

Without blinking, we can tell you for free that Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Razorsharp (Telescopic) Pruner is the best tool to buy for your prunning tasks. Not only is it durable, but is can also reach those hard-to-reach branches with ease. Plus, it is light, thus anyone, as long as they are of age can use it.

In addition, according to its quality, the tool has a fare price. Go for it!

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