Commercial Box Gutters: Buy The Best Now or Hate Yourself Later!

Any gutter is a gutter, you say! You are wrong. Have you ever fitted the shallow iron gutter on a commercial apartment, only to wake up to half full water tanks but flooded floors and basements after a night of rain? If yes, do you know why? You didn’t invest in commercial box gutters!

Though available in many sizes, the average commercial one has a width of 6 inches to cater to voluminous water run-offs from large-roofed buildings optimally. Their features; deep and wide troughs allow more water to pass through and are thus not prone to over-flows!

That said, choosing the best commercial gutter is primarily hinged on material, weight, and durability. That might be tricky. Right? Fret not; we got your back!

1.    Copper Commercial Box Gutter

Are you looking for a gutter box that can outlive you? Then, the copper gutter box is the real deal. Building experts place a copper sheet’s lifespan at six decades, and up to a century under proper care!

What’s the secret to their longevity? You may wonder. The copper material can weather subzero as well as hot summer temperatures without weakening nor corroding.

Elegance has become commonplace in the modern-day commercial roofing. With its attractive reddish-brown color, the copper gutter fits the bill for that buyer who is looking for a distinctly stylish look on their building. They strikingly complement roofs that match their color, for instance, copper roofs!

How resistant is it to wear? You must be asking. With copper, rusting is not a problem! The gutter will age gracefully by fading into a brownish-green patina.

Besides, copper is malleable. With a talented coppersmith, the copper material can be bend to various designs depending on your taste!

Though copper commercial box gutters are a bit challenging to install, the end product is excellent. The joints are soldered together, and this makes the box gutter immune to water leakage!


  • The copper material is structurally strong
  • Copper has a unique appearance of a high aesthetic value
  • Copper is highly resistant to corrosion
  • They do not need a coating to make them durable
  • It is immune to thermal damage
  • Require minimal maintenance


  • Copper gutters are very costly
  • They are hard to install

2.    Galvanized Steel Commercial Box Gutter

Do you need a rigid box gutter? Then go for galvanized steel! Though steel is as tough as copper, commercial box gutters believe that steel gutters can outlast copper gutters if their zinc coating remains intact.

The zinc coating insulates the steel from agents of rust and extends its lifetime. It is worth noting that galvanizing is cheap and luckily makes the galvanized steel cost effective! With a proper cleaning plan, these gutters could last for more than two decades!

And, galvanized steel can withstand flying debris and shock without even giving in to visible damage. If you’re going for a structurally strong box gutter system, you cannot help but put galvanized steel into thought.

Ultimately, galvanized steel will retain its original sheen for long unless it corrodes. The color only dulls its shade, unlike copper, which fades to a greenish-brown color when regularly exposed to moisture.


  • Sturdy material that resists dents
  • Cannot bend by leaning a ladder against them
  • Resistant to thermal warping in hot conditions or those with shifting heat
  • Highly durable
  • keep a consistent color for long and take long to fade
  • Last longer than copper gutters if the zinc coating remains in place
  • Easier to install than copper gutters


  • Are more prone to rust than aluminum gutters
  • Harder to install because it is heavier
  • Rust spreads fast if the zinc layer erodes

3.    Aluminum Commercial Box Gutter

Aluminum box gutters are vastly popular among roofing professionals of commercial gutters. Aluminum’s flexibility renders it easy to cut and shape. Therefore, fitting these gutters is trouble-free and fast as compared to other material gutters.

Due to its lightness of weight, aluminum box gutters are friendly for a do-it-yourself fixing as it may not need special tools and structures to hoist it to place! Their low density makes them remain firmly in their brackets without sagging due to weight.

On the other hand, the aluminum material allows for thermal expansion. The gutters can create room for the joints’ elasticity without warping out of shape. Additionally, it requires little care, and experts estimate a lifetime of two decades without a repainting of their surface.

It’s worth noting that aluminum does not rust. It is only prone to corrosion, and is only destructive in extra acidic or alkaline conditions.

Plus, if you need an aluminum grade that would almost last for decades, go for the one coated with resin-which engineers prefer-to withstand the adverse effects of weather.


  • The aluminum material is highly durable
  • It’s lightweight and thus easy to fasten to their place
  • Aluminum does not rust
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Aluminum corrodes only in very acidic or alkaline conditions
  • Easily forged and soldered to form strong seams due to its ductility


  • Its light material dents upon impact from tree branches and the like
  • Can crack in sweltering temperatures
  • Prone to oxidation after prolonged exposure to acidic environments


Our ultimate best pick would be the insanely durable copper box gutter. The galvanized steel box gutter is the choice for the buyer who wishes to spend relatively less.

Face it, the aluminum commercial box gutters are immensely popular due to their light density and thus less cost. However, the copper and the galvanized steel gutters get the better of them in terms of their incredible durability, elegance, and capacity to withstand rust. In the face of all this, why should cost matter?

That is not say that the aluminum is run-of-the-mill; it will still serve you for quite some time before it gives in to dents and oxidation!

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