How High Should a Shower Head Be

Shower Head Height: How High Should a Shower Head Be?

Do you ever ask yourself how high should a shower head be before installation, or do you just install without thinking?

Yes, there isn’t a specific standard showerhead height. Even so, different people have different heights and tastes that govern how high their shower head should be.

Just to mention, standard double shower heads should be 80 inches from the floor. Nonetheless, depending on your height, it can range from 72 to 90 inches.

These ranges are determined by the features of the shower heads, size of the bathroom, and whether the shower head is for commercial or residential use.

But first…

What are the Common Shower Head Heights?

Different heights and tastes of diverse people contribute to different shower height options. A tall person will need a higher height while a short person will a lower shower head.

On the other hand, children who are continually growing will need shower heads that are easily adjustable. In addition, disabled people, who may not easily reach all their body parts, may need a different height.

Still, the size or design of your bathroom should also determine the ideal shower head height.

Recommended Shower Head Height to Use

If you have an average height, the shower height should not cause much trouble. The ideal height for a person with an average height is 80 inches from the floor of the bathroom. This height is also ideal for tall people. They will have no trouble showering.

Not sure how tall you are? No trouble. Let’s be precise to make it easy for you.

Assuming that you know how to install a new shower head plus, you are the tallest in the family; allow at least 3-inches between your head (standing) and the showerhead. The three inches gap will make it possible to have a perfect massage from the various shower sprays your shower head features.

However, it is of essence that you remember that the style of your shower heads also contributes a lot in determining how high the showerhead should be.

How High Should a Shower Head Be for Different Types of Shower Heads

Handheld Showerheads

With a handheld shower head, you hold the shower head with your hand. You can easily remove the shower head and hold it with your hand to spray any body part, including your thighs. That makes it adjustable.

Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you have your handheld shower head at the height of 72 to 80 inches from the floor. Will this height favor your children? Definitely, it will. This is why. You can always adjust it to fit the height of the kid taking a shower.

Mounted Shower Heads

One of the distinguishing features of mounted shower heads is that they are permanently fixed. As such, their height cannot be adjusted. Hence, if you are going to install mounted shower heads, you should consider the ideal height that is convenient for all family members.

It is crucial to ask yourself, how tall is the tallest person in your home?

Also, are you mounting the shower heads on commercial bathrooms or domestic ones?

Do you have friends who are taller than everyone else in your family? If you said “yes” to the above questions, to favor everyone, your fixed showerhead should be 80 inches from the floor. That’s the standard height.

Rain Shower Heads

In most cases, rain shower heads are an ideal option for people with low ceilings. With such a roof, the best shower heads height to go for is 84 inches from the floor.

Such height is ideal because it allows the shower sprays enough space to spread. As a result, the water sprays evenly on your body, giving you a relaxed feeling.

Wrapping It Up

Please don’t mess up your shower heads by poorly installing them. People are created uniquely, some taller while others are short. Still, others have an average height. So, know how high should a shower head be before getting down to the task. Consider the height of the tallest member of the family, the disabled, the kids, and the elderly.

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