How Long For Driveway Sealer to Dry

How Long For Driveway Sealer to Dry: What No One Told You!

Before you think of sealing your driveway, it is important to ask yourself, “How long for driveway sealer to dry?”

From our research, we noted that most people don’t know the harm rain can have on their newly sealed driveway.

At least 6 percent of homeowners said they did not know if the rain would cause harm on a wet driveway sealer. Thirty-seven percent said it all depends on the amount of downfall. In contrast, 55 said rain could definitely damage the wet driveway sealer.

To clear all the confusion, you may, therefore, have we will explain when is the right time to seal your driveway.


Why Is It Crucial To Seal Your Driveway?

Regardless of the type of driveway you own, it is crucial to know that sealing it is worth every coin. Let’s explain why. Sealing your asphalt or concrete driveway makes it long-lasting. Why is this possible?

Simple. Natural calamities cannot tamper with its quality. As such, it retains its original look. Still, water, once the driveway is dry, cannot go through. That means; it also becomes easy to clean and maintain your driveway.

What’s more? Oil and gas spots become a thing of the past on your driveway. Did we also mention that by sealing it, you also increase its beauty, thus making it look more attractive?

And since the first thing people who come to your garage or home notice is a driveway, there is every reason to keep it beautiful.

When Is The Most Appropriate Time To Seal Your Driveway?

Are you sealing your driveway for the first time, and wondering how long it will take to dry?

First, you need to know that it can be disastrous if it rains before your driveway sealer dries. Remember, driveway sealing is merely applying a protective sealant to either your concrete or asphalt or driveway.

It is, therefore, important to consider sealing your driveway during the summer season when you least expect to see the rain. If, however, you need the driveway sealed during a winter season, we recommend that you find out how the weather is going to be before getting to the task.

At least, ensure that before it starts raining, the driveway sealer is already dry.

Definitely, just like other surfaces, the beautiful driveway will eventually depreciate. Therefore, it is worth resealing it every two or three years, depending on how it looks.

Exactly how Long For Driveway Sealer to Dry?

Now that you know you need to avoid a rainy season, you may be wondering, after sealing, how long will the driveway sealer take to dry before it can be used?

Well, the first determining factor to consider  is the weather. If it is cold and cloudy, we recommend that you give the sealer at least 72 hours before you can start driving on it.

However, when there is enough sunlight, and no trees are hindering the sun from drying the driveway, it will take a shorter time. At least 24-48 hours to dry before you start walking or driving on it.

Nonetheless, from our research, most home and garage owners recommended that for a good, durable, and attractive driveway, you should allow the sealer one month to seal completely. During this time, you may be walking on it, but be gentle. Also, avoid washing it with harsh chemicals.

One month's duration makes it possible for the sealer to seal excellently. As a result, you will take longer before you seal your driveway again. Besides, after the thirty days, since the seal will have dried completely, the surface will be good-looking.

How Do I Verify The Driveway Sealer Has Dried?

You don’t want to mess the driveway after a long wait. 

It is, therefore, wise to check if the sealer is dry before driving on the lane or walking on it. 

Wear gloves or cover your hand with a towel. Try moving your hand on the lane. Also, press the finger down and verify if it moves downwards. If it does or if the finger sticks to the surface and gets a black color, the lane needs more time.

If, however, it does not get sticky and the finger doesn’t go through, the lane is dry and ready or use.

Parting Shot

To sum it up, the duration a driveway sealer takes to dry depends on three major things; the weather, how professionally the task has been done, and the type of sealant you use.

A standard sealant will take longer to dry while a fast-drying sealant will take a shorter time. As for the weather, ensure that the temperature is 80˚F.

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