How To Use a Manual Pole Saw Without Hurting Yourself

Wondering how to use a manual pole saw safely and correctly? We are here to help.

But before then, note that using a pole saw is much different from using a rope. A manual pole saw doesn’t allow you to guide the branch on the direction it should fall. The branch can fall on any direction.

Thanks God, manual pole saws are the easiest to use. Plus, they need no installation as they are already installed. In addition, they are much cheaper than the electrical and gas powered pole saws.

Nonetheless, if you do not know where to stand when using them, or how to operate them, you are likely to get hurt.

Thus, it’s paramount to know how to use the best rated manual pole saw.

How To Use a Manual Pole Saw Safely and Efficiently Use

i. Assess the Task

Figure out the braches that are becoming more of a burden to you and your yard. Are there smaller branches under them? If so, you need to start cutting those smaller ones before you can deal with the longer ones.

By doing this, you clear the path to be able to see the longer branches clearly. Still, you will also be preventing the chances of the longer branches falling on the smaller branches, thus making it difficult and risky to cut the lower branches.

One thing though to bear in mind, you should never cut branches that are near electrical power lines. Also, if the tree is under the power line but some branches are above the power line, please avoid cutting down those branches. Better still would be not to touch that tree because there are many dangers you could get exposed to if a tree falls on power lines.

Call the power company to help you in dealing with that tree. At least, they will be able to disconnect the source of power for you.

ii. Guard Your Self

First of all, whether you are using the best gas powered pole saw or the manual one, always ensure that you have protective clothing before getting to the task. Such include the gloves, long pants, helmet, and Goggles.


iii. Stand in the Right Position

Stand at an angle. That is, slightly away from the tree branch you want to cut. This helps to ensure that when you cut the branch, it will not land on your head. Next, ensure that you can handle the full weight of the manual pole saw by having your legs apart. Standing this way gives you enough stability to handle the tool without losing control.

Remember, once you adjust the height of the tool, it will become more substantial. So, before you adjust the height, ensure you are stable and comfortable.

iv. Adjust the Pole Height

Now, you need to adjust the tool to the right height according to the branches you intend to cut. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that each type of manual saw works differently. As such, the user manual should be a consideration here. Of course, you ought to check how to make adjustments before getting started.

While doing this, garden home care professionals suggest that you have the shoulder strap in place. This drastically lowers the weight on your hands, thus making it easier to adjust the height efficiently.

Once it is of the right height, place it on the branch you want to cut, and on the area, you intend to cut.

v. Start Cutting

Gradually, start cutting the branch. Slowly because you want to be sure that you can control the tool effectively, and that it is cutting effectively without strains. The gradual cutting helps to also create a groove on the branch, thus lowering the chances of the tool to slide off.

Slowly increase the speed of the tool after confirming it is cutting without sliding off. After successfully cutting the branch, it is best if you first remove it from that working area to create enough space for you.

This applies if you have other branches you are planning to cut.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Use a Manual Pole Saw

Que: Are manual pole saws noisy?

Ans: Not at all! Manual pole saws uses no gas, thus they are quiet. If, therefore, your country restricts noisy tools, you are safe with this tool. Plus, you can as well go camping with it.

Que: Do the manual pole saws work like the electrical ones?

Ans: Well, if we would be sincere enough, electrical pole saws are way better than the manual ones because they work fast and can prune many trees. Thus, even in a commercial set up, the longest electrical pole saw would work efficiently.

Nonetheless, they, too, have some drawbacks in that they are noisy and needs power to work. Plus, they are way heavier than the manual ones. SO, decide what you want according to the draw backs and the pros of each pole saw.

Que: How can I use my manual pole saw?

Ans: They are effective in cutting braches that are hard-to-reach. And, you don’t need a ladder for this as these saws are extendable.

Que: Are pole saws also used to trim hedges?

Ans: Unfortunately, no! You need the best hedge shears to successfully trim your hedges. After all, hedges are easy to reach. In fact, some hedges don’t require you to stand to reach them; you can trim them while squatting.

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