Best Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

10 Best Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin in 2020 [Review]

You see, I have been to hospital due to the wrong selection of tissue paper.

Until you get to where I have been in the past, you will always think that all tissue papers are the same and that the pricey ones are just a waste of money.

Sometimes, the need to save every penny makes people go for cheap things without a second thought. Especially, at a time like this when coronavirus has turned the economic tables upside down!

Frankly, investing in a hypoallergenic toilet paper will save you lots of health problems. Some of which includes pain in your vulva or vagina. 

In severe cases, swollen vagina!

At least, men do not have most of these issues. However, it is different for women. With or without sensitive skin, a good toilet paper is a must.

Before writing this review, I did extensive research to determine which is the toilet paper for allergies that can be used by every member of the family yet have no health issues. Yes, even your three-year kid.

Read on to see the gems we found, and why you need it today especially if you have sensitive skin.





Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Editor's Pick

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Best Budget

"Silk'n Soft" Bamboo Toilet Paper

Best Value

From the reviews we got from different customers, this is toilet paper tops our list in terms of its popularity, material and brand reputation. 

Not only is it tested by the dermatologist, but it is also approved. That is to say; it is suitable for those people who have sensitive skin. Plus, it is made of soothing lotion. 

Amazingly, this toilet paper has an affordable price tag. Hence, most people can afford it. So, what do you get on purchasing this tissue?

In each pack of 18 rolls, you will get 300 sheets of an ultra-gentle toilet paper.

Worried about your septic tank?

You don’t have to as this tissue doesn’t block the septic tank.

  • Doesn’t block the septic sinks
  • Suitable for use even by kids
  • Not pricy
  • No allergies after use
  • There are concerns due to reduced sizes, which differ from the previous version.

Due to its super luxurious texture that is well embossed to offer maximum comfort, this is one of the tissues that has found its way in many homes.

Besides, the fact that it is flushable makes it a good choice for most people. Furthermore, it is safe for sewer tanks as well as septic tanks.

This tissue features 3 absorbent-cushiony layers that are soft to ensure there are no allergies after use.

What’s more? This toilet paper features 3 packs, each with 8 rolls. Each roll has 319 sheets, which means that the tissue will last long.

Did we mention that this tissue is thicker and more absorbent than other leading brands?

To be precise, it is three times thicker.

No wonder 75 percent of the consumers love it.

Try it and share your experience.

  • The tissue is three times thicker than most brands
  • It’s also three times more absorbent than other brands
  • It’s flushable
  • Can be used in sewer and septic tanks
  • Lasts longer than most leading brands
  • Non-allergic
  • Not FDA approved, but that’s not an issue as it isn’t meant for your mouth!

Lover of bamboo stuff? Great, here’s toilet paper that is 100 percent bamboo. And it is quite soft. If you have used bamboo pillows, you agree that bamboo pillows are easy to wash.

This is so due to their material, bamboo.

Likewise, tissues from bamboo are soft and great for use by everyone in the family. Made in Canada, the tissue features a 3-ply tissue roll. Talking of your health, this is the best tissue to buy as there are only a few chemicals used in manufacturing it. Plus, since the bamboo tree grows naturally and with no herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides, the tissue is quite safe to use.

There are 96 rolls packaged, meaning the tissue will last long. To give it its white color; the tissue is whitened using the Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process. Usually, the manufacturers use a closed-loop system during manufacturing. During this time, before releasing the water into the environment, it gets treated for health purposes. With the addition of ECF, all the dioxin is entirely removed.

  • It is soft
  • It’s safe to use
  • Features a 3-ply tissue roll
  • Made of bamboo; thus, ecofriendly
  • Some buyers say the new version does not tear at the perforation

To ensure that this is a non-allergenic toilet paper; there are no dyes or fragrances added to it. Still, since the process of whitening the tissue doesn’t involve the use of chlorine, the product is considered safe for usage.

What’s more? It does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A).

One good thing about this paper is that it has more sheets.

Moreover, the sheets are larger in size when compared to most brands. In other words, per single-use, you will only need to use a small portion. As a result, the tissue lasts longer than other brands in the market.

Nonetheless, some people say that, when compared to other brands, the tissue is not soft, and it has some weird smell. In addition, some clients say that the price of the product has gone up. Thus, opt for other cheaper product over this one.

Nonetheless, one thing is crucial to remember; green forest premium tissue is a high-quality tissue since it is 100 percent recycled paper fiber.

Due to its material, the tissue causes no harm to septic tanks since it is biodegradable.

  • It is biodegradable
  • Lasts longer
  • No dangerous chemicals used when manufacturing it; thus, safe
  • Non-allergic
  • Some buyers claim that it is pricey
  • Others claim it is not soft as required

Here’s a gentle and soft tissue to your body. Due to its softness, it leaves no allergic irritations on your body after usage.

In addition, it lasts long; thus, saving you your cash. More so, this tissue is not pricy. Therefore, most people can afford it.

Did you also know that due to the SafeFuksh technology that this tissue has, once you flush it, it starts to break down immediately?

That means that it is also friendly to your septic tanks, right?

The tissue features highly absorbent ripples. One outstanding feature of Cottonelle CleanCare Family Roll Toilet Paper is that it is usable with the standard tissue holders.

As such, you will not need any attachment to make it fit well.

Since the tissue has a single ply, it has more sheets on one roll over other types of tissues.

  • Safe for delicate skins
  • Breaks immediately after flushing
  • Quite strong
  • Lasts longer due to many sheets
  • Friendly to septic tanks as well as sewers
  • One ply is unsuitable for most people

Being a two-ply means that the tissue will not mess your hands. Also, since the tissue is soft, it will not be hard on your body.

As a result, you can’t experience any irritations. Moreover, there are no dyes used during its manufacture or fragrances.
Additionally, harmful chemicals such as chlorine are not used to whiten it. Therefore, there is a guarantee that the tissue is safe.

Talking of its material; this tissue is purely made of recycled paper. Again, it causes no blockages in septic tanks.

Besides, if you are that one person who loves camping and uses toilets with a low flow, this is your go-to toilet paper.

It will break easily and flow well without trouble so that you won’t keep on flushing the toilet.

When you order this tissue, you also get 2 packs of 24 rolls, which come with 240 sheets in each roll. Definitely, its money back!

  • Bleaching agents not used when manufacturing
  • It is soft
  • Effective for toilets with a slow flow
  • Not allergic
  • No fragrances used
  • With a 2 ply; it is said to be strong
  • Some customers say that it is rough
  • Still, some users say the tissue leaves some crumbs on them

Wondering which is the best tissue to buy for your family? Here’s one for you. Seventh generation unbleached bathroom tissue roll never frustrates.


The tissue has a 2-ply and is strong enough to ensure that your hands don’t get messy while using it.

What’s more? This tissue is suitable for low flow toilets. Plus, it is considered safe for sewers as well as septic systems.

Like most of the tissues we have reviewed in this hypoallergenic toilet paper review, this product is made purely from unbleached recycled paper. No dyes used; perfumes or even inks. You can, therefore, buy it, knowing that it is safe for use.

Not only that, but this tissue, too, is suitable for your septic tanks and the sewer systems. Also, if you are using the campers and RVs where the toilets have a low flow, this tissue will still work well.

For your information, 48 double rolls give you 120 regular rolls. These rolls have 400, 2-ply sheets in every roll.

  • Usable in sewers and septic tanks
  • You feel comfortable when using it
  • It is stronger than most brands
  • No dyes, scents or bleaching detergents used during manufacture
  • It is 100 percent recycled paper
  • The older version is better than the new one
  • It is said to be rough than most brands

Tired of dealing with allergies due to the dyes added on all the tissue brands you’ve been using? No trouble, here’s a quality tissue for you.

Though the tissue is one-ply, it is three times thicker as well as stronger than most brands. Still, this tissue is good for people with sensitive skin. Not only that, but the product is also 2 times more absorbent.

To ensure that this is the best tissue in the market, the manufacturers add Vitamin E and Aloe to it. This is why the tissue is one of the leading brands nationally.

Not only will you love its softness but also its price since it is quite affordable.

The tissue is easy to flush.

Plus, if you are in India, no need fretting about the flush-ability guidelines as the product complies with them.

Buying this FSC-certified product is protecting the forests around the world. Why not buy a roll today?

  • Causes no allergies
  • Contains no dyes
  • Complies with the Indian flush-ability guidelines
  • Easy to flush
  • Much affordable than most brands
  • It’s thicker and stronger
  • It’s a one-ply tissue; thus may break apart easily
  • Since it’s one-ply, you may use more than when using a two-ply

Though it may not be the best tissue in the market, Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper offers great comfort when wiping your bottom. Why?

It is thick and features flush sheets. However, the fact that it is dense doesn’t make it rough. No, the product is soft and friendly to your skin.

What’s more? The product is unscented; thus, it is an excellent choice for use by all members of the family. Nonetheless, this is a one-ply tissue which may not favor everyone. Also, if you love the tube free tissues, this is not your product. Reason? While the previous version is said to be better, the current version is said to be poor because it is not a tube free tissue.

Even so, most clients admit that the tissue is soft and that it lasts longer than the previous version.

Talking of its absorbency, this is a high-quality product. Additionally, this toilet paper is way cheaper than most tissues out there. Besides, each of the four rolls is wrapped separately; thus, easy to manage your pack.

  • Soft and highly absorbent
  • It’s cheap
  • It’s thick; thus, you don’t get into contact with your poop
  • Unscented; therefore, not allergic
  • Doesn’t leave pieces on the skin after use
  • It is a one-ply hypoallergenic toilet paper
  • Isn’t a tube free tissue

With the Seventh generation toilet paper, there is no need to worry about the sewer and septic tank systems. This is because the tissue decomposes fast hence won’t interfere with the flow of sewage. As a result, there are no blockages.

In addition, the product is good for those people who have toilets that have a low flow problem.

Plus, the paper’s strength makes it one of the best toilet paper for people with allergies. Moreover, since no chlorine chemicals are use during the whitening process of this tissue, this product remains to be safe. Additionally, the product is only made of recycled paper.

That means that additives such as dyes and scents are not present. As such, expect no allergies when you use the paper.

Did you also know that 48 rolls are usually included during shipping? Well, that’s great news that you need to know.

Nonetheless, a few lovers of this tissue have complained in the past, stating that the new version is not like the old one. That is to say, that the new version is not of good quality.

  • Non-allergic
  • Feels comfortable when using as it is soft
  • Suitable for use in septic and sewerage systems
  • It’s strong
  • The new version is of poor quality: rougher and poor absorbent

Why You Need a Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

1.  Vagina Yeast Infections

Most women will admit, yeast infection is a major issue they deal with from time to time. Some will shy off and choose not to see a gynecologist. It is, however, paramount to know that untreated yeast infection could cause other serious complications.

But how do you know that the best toilet paper tissue for sensitive skin you just bought is the culprit? Simple. If the vagina yeast infection started minutes, hours, or a day (s) after using the toilet paper, without a doubt, the tissue is the cause.

However, according to Jessica Shepherd, the Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology (Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecology), such tissues are scented.

Jessica explains that the chemicals in these tissues interfere with the pH of your vagina, thereby causing the infection.

2.  Microcuts

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be gentle on your skin. Remember, the vulva has delicate skin. Using a hard tissue or being too hard on that area will definitely tear the skin. The results?

The cuts you get will cause swellings, scratching, and uneasiness.

In some cases, depending on the skin type, there may be infections.

3.  To Curb Allergic Reaction

There are many reasons why you are likely to have allergic reactions when you use a particular type of tissue. For example, the type of chemicals used, the material of the tissue, and the manufacturing process involved are the primary reasons for allergies.

Colored tissues have dyes in them. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions minutes after using the tissue. Are bleached tissues the way to go?

There is no right answer to this.

This is because bleaching too involves chemicals.  Such chemicals, depending on the type and amount used, could equally cause allergies.

It, therefore, depends on your skin.

Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin Causing Allergies, What Should You Do?

Watch How You Wipe!

Yes, you heard that right.

Change how you wipe after a trip to the bathroom. Wrong way of wiping  is a major cause of most vaginal infections.

Again, women are the major victims here. This is because wiping from back to front causes stool to enter the urethra. Consequently, causing urinary tract infection(UTI).

What’s the right way, therefore?

Don’t complicate it, wipe from the front to the back. Repeat this process until there are no traces of stool on the tissue. That definitely means that you should have enough tissue which you can fold after each wipe. Or, cut several pieces (enough to avoid getting into contact with the stool). Use each piece to wipe afresh.

If, in any way, you realize that the feces have entered the urinary, wash with clean water immediately. Then, dry with a clean towel. Avoid using hot water.

Change Brand

Like we have said earlier, your skin type determines the best tissue to buy.

If even after buying a toilet paper for allergies you still have allergic reactions, you don’t need to curse any brand. Clearly, you need to try another brand as the current brand is not meant for your skin type.

Here’s a hint. Check the chemicals used when manufacturing the current tissue so that you won’t pick a brand that has the same chemicals.

Consider The Size

I know, you don’t want to spend all your money buying tissues! But wait, using a small size to wipe your bump is not safe either. Using a small tissue paper causes it to tear. As a result, small pieces are left behind.

It is these pieces that give you the discomfort you experience before the next shower. Plus, since they are dirty, they are likely to cause severe infections that will cost you a lot.

It would be best if you used enough tissue.

Think Of A Different Color

People are different. While some will have issues with bleached tissues, others will have allergic reactions due to dyes in colored brands. If, therefore, after using a bleached tissue you have allergic reactions, stop using it and try the colored ones.

Similarly, if when you buy colored, best toilet paper for sensitive skin you have rushes, stop using them and go for the bleached ones.

How to Identify a Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper

A non-allergenic toilet paper is one that causes allergy to people with sensitive skin. The tissue also leaves you feeling uncomfortable, and you might end up taking a shower to clear easiness.

These allergic reactions are usually as a result of the chemicals used during the manufacturing of the product. Such products include fragrances, inks, and chlorine. Due to these additives, these toilet papers are way too expensive than other brands.

So, be on the lookout when making your order.

Nonetheless, though some tissues have no chemicals that cause allergic reactions, it is good to know that a poor quality toilet paper will equally have negative impacts on your body. This happens due to breaking apart of the paper, which leaves you with remains on your body.

This toilet paper remains makes your body itchy. It is, therefore, good to avoid such tissues. In most cases, such toilet papers are way cheap to fool you to buy them.

So, which tissue do you buy? Here’s our honest recommendation: Check the product details to ascertain the chemicals used during manufacturing. The price should not be too high or too low. Plus, avoid colored tissue papers, not unless you have no allergy problems.

Choosing a Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper (What to Consider)


Toilet papers comes from natural products, trees, to be precise.

Therefore, not unless there are many chemicals in them, they should not be overpriced. However, the manufacturing of this paper also consumes time. As such, the product can never be given at a throw-away price.

Here’s what I am saying, the cost of the product should be affordable for most people. That is to say; it is not too expensive for most people to afford neither should it be too cheap.

It is worth noting that the cost also lowers if you buy toilet paper in bulk or use an automated method.

Why not save several coins by going for either of these two options?


Avoid toilet papers that are colored. Why? The fact that they are colored means that they are dyed. If that be the case, then they have some chemicals that will most likely cause allergies to the users.


Definitely, scented toilet papers have chemicals in them.

In other words, you need to be careful with your body as some of the scented tissues can cause more health problems when they get to contact with your vagina and vulva.

That is, despite having allergic reactions, these tissues can cause other health complications. It is best to avoid them at all costs.

Number of Ply

The number of plies determines the thickness of the tissue as well as its softness and ability to absorb waste. Different brands feature different numbers of ply. For instance, some have one-ply, others two, while others have four.

A toilet paper with more ply is better than the ones that have only one ply. Even so, we highly recommend that you buy one-ply if you are using a toilet that has a low flow to avoid blockages.

The other thing note is that 4 ply is way thicker than other plies. It may not be suitable for everyone. The best thing to do is to try it out to know if it is good for you or not.

However, a high quality, two-ply tissue would be a perfect choice when buying a toilet paper for use by everyone in your home.

Final Thoughts

If you have sensitive skin, stay away from allergic reactions by buying a hypoallergenic toilet paper for your family.

It will keep your family healthy while ensuring that your body is clean after you poop. Not only will you be happy after using it, but also at rest in your mind when you know that the paper won’t block the sewer and septic tank.

Plus, you will not have any medical issues due to an infection on your Vulva or vagina.

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