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Best Longest Electric Pole Saw for Tree Pruning in 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

If your trees have tree branches hanging over your house, you can use hedge shears to trim them with ease. 

But how do you deal with the long tall tree branches? 

Definitely, you need a longer tool that can reach the "unreachable branches" without strain. That is where the longest electric pole saw comes in. This pole saw is light and strong enough to prune the tall tree branches without compromising your safety.

Still, you want a pole saw that will give you service for many years. But here’s the issue, how do you determine the best electric pole saw for tree pruning?

We evaluated a list of the longest pole saws in the market to find the most popular and effective 30 to 40 foot pole saws that won't break the bank. We also outlined the key factors to consider when buying an extended paw saw.





Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp

Editor's Pick


Best Budget

Remington 41AZ32PG983 RM1025P Pole Saw

Best Value

Do you have overhanging branches and logs around your home that are making it impossible for you to have some good sunshine? Sun Joe 8-inch pole saw is our top pick.

This pole saw is effective in cutting branches that are thin. To be precise, branches that are approximately 7.5 inches.

How far can you reach when cutting branches with this tool?  The tool can extend up to 9.7 feet. Thus, you reach branches that are 15 feet from the ground.

Sun Joe SWJ800E oil tank can hold up to 2.7 ounces. The machine features automatic chain lubrication. The sound level is 108 dB, while the cutting bar is 8 inches.

To enhance effectiveness when cutting; this machine has a 6.5 amp motor.

What’s more?

Since this is an electrically powered machine, there is no emission of smoke when working with it. Nonetheless, some users say that at times, there is oil leakage.

The machine, however, is easy to work with as it only weighs 7 pounds. That means it is light. In addition, after purchase, the tool is easy to assemble.

  • Ease of assembling
  • No smoke emission
  • Not heavy
  • Chain is sharp; thus, effective in cutting thin logs
  • Not overpriced; hence affordable
  • Oil may leak when working
  • Handle lacks adjustment wrench

Though you have to refill oil frequently when you buy Sun Joe SWJ802E, this is the best tool to go for if you want to cut branches at an angle of 30, 15, and 0 degrees.

Also, if you have branches that are 7.5 inches thick or less, the 10” cutting bar will do an excellent cutting job.

Besides, Sun Joe SWJ802E features automatic lubrication.

Due to the size of the telescoping pole, you can easily and comfortably reach branches that are 15 feet high.

This machine features a 6.5-amp motor. That is to say that the tool is powerful. Even though this tool weighs only 7.9 lbs, always handle it with care since the chainsaw chain is sharp.

But that does not mean that the product is not safe for use. No, it is.

See, the tool is CSA approved. That, therefore, means its performance and safety have been tested and approved.

This product, too, has some oil leakage issues which may not favor everyone.

  • Features three cutting angles
  • Light hence easy to handle
  • Approved by the CSA
  • Possible to reach and cut branches on tall trees
  • Features automatic lubrication
  • Needs to refill frequently

One of the most durable brands out there that you should never overlook is the BLACK+DECKER model. At least, with this brand, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the product as they make high-quality tools.

Interestingly, you never have issues with a dry chain since there is automatic lubrication for both the chain and the bar. This feature is crucial as it makes cutting smooth; hence you never strain or use unnecessary energy when working.

If you are short-sighted or are dealing with branches too close to each other, you know how hard it can be to see the branches you intend to cut clearly.

As such, cutting the wrong branches can be easier than cutting the right ones. Thanks to this tool, due to the clear-line-of-sight feature, you will not accidentally cut the wrong logs or branches.

You can also use this tool for long hours since it has a weight of 7.9lb.

Besides, this tool has low vibrations and kickbacks. Therefore, there will be no accidents as long as you are watchful.

Unfortunately, this model is undetectable. In addition, if you choose to use the full-length, then you have to ensure you have enough stability.

  • Minimal kickbacks as well as vibrations
  • Durable model
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Makes cutting the wrong branches difficult
  • It is non-detachable; hence might be bulky to carry

4. Silky HAYAUCHI 2-Ext. Pole Saw

Whether you are looking for an electric pole saw to use at home or in the commercial premises, you won’t go wrong if you buy HAYAUCHI 2-Ext. Polesaw. 

The pole is made of strong material, aluminum. The chainsaw chain, on the other hand, is sharp. As a result, the tool is able to cut, trim, or prune nut trees, palms, deciduous, as well as evergreens.

You can, therefore, use it to maintain parks around the offices, gardens, lawns, and orchards.

One primary unique thing about this product is that it features three different extensions to help reach different heights according to your preferences. Since the blade length is 390mm (15-2/5 inches), it will not give you difficulty cutting branches that are 7.7 inches thick.

What’s more, is that you also get a scabbard included in your package.

Though you have to purchase the replacement blade, this tool is worth every coin because it features non-slip functionality that is secure.

  • Suitable for both commercial and non-commercial jobs
  • Strong pole construction
  • Three diverse extensions available
  • Sharp cutting chainsaw blades
  • Can do different jobs
  • Due to its quality, it is pricey

Remington Electric Pole Saw is another tool that helps you to cut logs from different trees with different heights. Why? Due to the flip and lock clamp feature, you can comfortably adjust the height of this pole saw to the one you desire.

To be precise, you can reach branches that are at least 10 feet high or even 15.

If you do not want to buy a chainsaw for slicing logs that have been cut and already lying on the ground, no trouble. You can disconnect this tool from the pole so that you cut such logs.

And, you do not need to be a DIY to do such jobs, nor do you need any special tools, just use your hands to disconnect.

When cutting branches, a saw can rotate and hurt you. However, this tool works differently because it has a non-slip grip, which makes it impossible for the device to turn while you are cutting branches or logs.

Whether you choose to trim branches on trees or do some yard tasks, this gadget works well because it features an 8-amp motor. Being an electrical machine, it takes you just a few minutes to start off.

  • Can be detached to cut logs lying down
  • No tools needed to disconnect it
  • Features a non-flip handle
  • Height is adjustable
  • Has oil leakage problems

Things to Consider When Buying A 30 to 40 Foot Electric Pole Saw

There are several essential factors you should know before buying an extended electric pole saw. These factors include:

Cutting Thickness

Different electric pole saws will cut branches and logs of diverse thicknesses.

As such, you need to know the thickness of the branches you will be cutting. Using the wrong tool to cut logs that are thicker than intended will definitely damage your tool.

You might as well get hurt as you force the tool to cut the log or if the log remains hanging on the tree and accidentally hits you when it breaks unexpectedly.

Cutting Height

How tall are the trees or branches you want to cut?

If there are several trees of diverse heights, go for a tool that will allow you to adjust its height. That way, you can reach several trees even though they are of different heights.

With such a feature, you will not strain when reaching tall branches. As a result, you will use less energy and time to finish your tasks.


You need a pole saw to reach high trees and logs, right? Why would you then go for a heavy tools that puts you in harms way? That would definitely put you in great danger. Therefore, go for a product that is light. The material used to construct the tool is what determines how heavy the tool will be.


Even when buying the cheapest product for your gardening tasks, you should never compromise on quality. A good electric pole saw should be durable, and able to withstand continuous use over several years

Care and Maintenance

All gardening tools require to be taken good care of if they have to last long and work effectively.

One of those things you need to do is to sharpen the chainsaw chain as well as replace the old one with a new one. That is why you also need to know what the right chainsaw chain direction lest you have it all wrong.

Apart from that, you also need to ensure that you store the tool in a dry place so that parts that can corrode when they get into contact with water may not rust.

Source of Power

Electrical powered longest pole saws can either be corded or cordless.

Corded means that they have a cable that you connect to the source of power. The cordless, on the other hand, have no such long cable. You need to charge the tool so that they can work when disconnected from power. Depending on the type of battery they have, these tools can cut for a long or short term depending on how much power they can store.

So, if you have lots of cutting duties that are around your house where you can comfortably connect to the source of power, a corded pole saw would be ideal.

On the contrary, if the trees and bushes are away from the source of power, go for the cordless pole saws. However, ensure that the battery is of high-quality and that it can hold power for long. Otherwise, you will have to recharge frequently.


We have shared everything you need to know about an extended electric pole saw. Consider the important factors we outlined above to decide which electric pole saw is ideal for you. The reviews on these products will tell you that they are the best you will find in the market. Depending on the features we have given, pick the best according to your pruning, trimming, and cutting needs.

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